Taking a Break

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been kind of MIA around here. The move really took it out of me and I’m still re-adjusting to life (and my longer commute, BOO!) With that, there has been little to no running.

Yesterday I attempted a run.

It ended abruptly at about .30 miles when I tripped and fell on the trail, twisting my ankle. It’s still a bit sore today …and I’ve sworn off trails for the time being 🙂

I’m downsizing my running goals. While the half marathon was fun to train for, it was mentally draining planning and running all the time. I want to be running for FUN. Because I WANT to. Not because my excel spreadsheet is telling me too. That being said, I DID sign up for The Great Race, but I’m currently trying to sell my bib. I know I won’t be able to run it …I’m way out of shape, and my heart is not into it right now.

I know I’ll get back into running soon, but for now I’m taking a much needed break so that I don’t burn out. I think I’ll experiment with cross-training, some work out DVD’s and quick, short runs.

I did happen across a new lust of mine.

UGH. Why did I walk into Lululemon? This jacket is everything I wish my Nike one was. It’s 100 bucks …and I’ve already got a fund set up for it (half way there baby!) I feel like I can’t justify it having just moved to a new apartment and hello, bills?!?! But it’s so freaking cute, it makes me look super slim and I KNOW I’d get so much use out of it. Plus, the thumbholes. I love to wear my hoodies and long sleeves over my hands at work …don’t ask me why I just do. We shall see! I LOVE the color but I feel like I should get something more practical?
Anyways, that’s it from me. You might hear from me soon, maybe later. Depends when the running high comes back (hopefully soon!)



Day Two.

It’s the day! Yesterday we moved a lot of my stuff to the new apartment including my furniture and clothes. All I have left to bring over is a blanket and the clothes I’m wearing 🙂 it was a very productive day but today is the big stuff…..Brians furniture and everything else.


Our awesome shower!


Building the tv stand.


My desk! My sister built practically everything with the words IKEA on and for that she earned her free subway.


It’s all coming together. Slowly but surely! Today is my first night in the new place 🙂

Movin’ Out

This is my “ecstatic to be leaving work at three” face.

And this is Jordan’s “you’re not allowed to move out” face.

Tomorrow at 1:30 I’ll be headed to move into my first apartment! It’s going to be one long whirlwind of a weekend.

And because I have problems, I’ve set my sights on a different kind of road race. A 25K. Why?

It’s got my name on it. The Marshall Mangler 25K.

HEL-LO. Yes.

You can question my judgment later. Actually, I’m not 100% on doing this just yet. They do have an 8K version ….but we’ll see where my motivation is once the move is done.




Unles you are brand new to my blog, you’ll know I’m not the fastest runner in the world. I can’t run 8s or sub 7 miles, and I barely break a 9:30 on a GOOD day. I read a lot of other running blogs where they constantly bombard me with times I find out of my reach. People running 10 miles in a little over 1:10? YEESH! For a few months I found myself comparing myself to them, wondering ….when will I get that fast? When will I break the 1o minute mile for longer than a four mile run?

I’m here to let you know, DO NOT compare yourself to other runners. It will never end good.

I am guilty of it, hard. I’ve realized that I’ve been doing it, and now I read running blogs for encouragement and motivation to become faster.

Let me start from the beginning of my running journey, when I was on the Couch to 5K. I would dread the runs that I had to run more than 5 minutes. I LOVED the walking portion. As the weeks went on, I wondered how I would ever run 2 miles straight. And then the day came I had to do it, and I did it. I didn’t run it fast, but I DID IT. It was an accomplishment for me.

Then I came home and read my usual blogs, and began to think if it really was such a big deal. I mean, two miles? Big whoop. People are here busting out 10 miles before breakfast! You’d think that I would have stopped comparing myself to others at this point.


I began beating myself up. Wondering if it was even such a big deal that I was trying to run a 5K. My parents didn’t really help, either. We are a sarcastic family and when I told them my plans to run one, they just responded “big deal”. Well, it was a big deal to me.

I remember hitting the 3.1 mark for the first time. It was amazing, I was on cloud nine. I couldn’t stop talking about it to Brian, my coworkers, any unfortunate soul who would listen. And then I got back on the blogs.  I ran that first 3.1 in around 37 minutes. Got on the blogs, sub 8s, 7s ….what am I doing, being so slow!!!!

Then one day, I decided to actually read their past posts. Two years before ….their times were much higher. It finally hit my dumb little brain;

People improve over time. Everyone is different.

I am injury prone. I’ve had two stress fractures before, and being on my feet alot for running was a potential problem. I have to take things slow (at least before I did) and I should be OK with that. No need to push myself to 8s or 7s until MY BODY IS READY. What a shock!

I wanted to make a post on this topic because I KNOW a lot of people tend to only talk numbers when they run, and I’m very guilty too. I beat myself up when I don’t run an even 40 minute 4 miles …but I’m beating myself up in a different way. I want to challenge myself and be better than the day before. I don’t worry so much about the numbers in comparison to others. Heck, I ran a half marathon in 2:33:44 (which is about an 11:30 min mile) BUT I RAN A DAMN HALF MARATHON IN THE DAMN POURING RAIN. And I will be DAMNED (how many times can I use this swear?) if anyone takes that pride away from me!

The long and short of it, take the numbers from other blogs at face value. Even if you compare mileage instead of time, take my advice and stop. Those people have trained for a long time to be that fast ….and we are all running for the fact of RUNNING, the enjoyment and therapy we receive from it. Not just digits and data from our Garmin’s. 🙂

Self Medicating

I’m recovering nicely, finally, from the half marathon. Note to self, next time you do this kind of mileage, SUCK IT UP and take an ice bath afterwards!!!! I think that would have done me WONDERS, but here I am doping myself with naproxen, Blue Moon and compression to stifle the pain. Luckily, it’s all been for the better and I feel almost no soreness today.

I still didn’t feel 100% and my muscles felt a bit weak, so I decided to wear the shorts and my socks under my work clothes again today. The only predicament I had was that the only clean pair I had were bright orange.

Not office appropriate, I’d think. Solution?

Bam. Tan socks over top. Classy. (It was cold out so it wasn’t too bad)

Speaking of cold, it was cold enough for me to bust out my FAVORITE track jacket;

Today was awesome. It was so nice and cool out and it just made me hunger so much for a run. I knew I shouldn’t jump back in just yet, and I need to get alot of packing done so I was able to talk myself out of it. One thing I wasn’t able to talk myself out of was sushi. Yes, sushi for the third time in four days. My body has just been CRAVING salt like none other. So, off to the sushi store I went (oh how I wish a sushi store existed);

California and salmon rolls, delish.

Since there was an REI right next to the sushi place, I decided to pay it a visit. I had been wanting to check out fuel belts, but sadly they didn’t have any of the one’s I’m interested in (I want the ones with the two small bottles and pack but they only had one’s with the huge bottle pack). Sad. BUT, I finally grabbed a GU flavor I’ve been dying to try.

Espresso Love! I’ve fared pretty well with caffiene on the run, so I want to give this a shot on one of my longer runs.

Speaking of longer runs, last night in my drunken naproxen stupor boredom I decided to craft a running plan IF I decided to run the 10 miler.

I already need to alter it because when I need to run the 5 Miles is when I’ll be going WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!!!! 🙂 But yeah, it’s a feasable plan, I just need to decided if I want to run it/and if I want to commit to more long runs already.

Other than that, not much else happened today. Aside from the true, crowning moment of why I chose to run 13.1.

The car magnet. Don’t deny it, you ran a half for one too 🙂