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PLEASE forgive the long absence. I definetly underestimated the toll that moving would take on me! It wasn’t just the move itself, but adjusting to a longer commute, having to do ALL my own chores/errands and getting sick in the process.  I’m all better right now and ready to give you a recap of my running life + real life!!!

Last Saturday was OKTOBERFEST!!!! I drank a half gallon of Penn Brewery Penns Gold and had a grand old time. I love Oktoberfest so much!!!

I did decide to get a Lululemon Define jacket. I fell in love with the color and fit and just had to grab it. It also didn’t hurt that when I sold my Great Race bib I doubled my money (got 40 bucks, only paid 20!). I went straight to my store to pick it up. I love it!

This past Monday the 24th Brian had to work at 6am. I took this opportunity to get up with him and go to the gym to bang out some miles. I did and felt GREAT! I wasn’t even tired the rest of the day and would totally go again at this hour.

Saturday was my next running day but I didn’t take any pictures. It was actually a very impromptu trip. Brian and I decided to go around 7pm that night and I had eaten TONS of spicy food and cheese. My body hated me after that run, but during it I felt OK.

And today after doing mounds of laundry I hit the ‘mill again for three more miles. After the three I hit the balancing ball and did some crunches and planks. My abs hurt.

That’s my second Lululemon jacket, I think it’s called the In Stride. I fell in love with the neck on it because it comes up and covers your mouth and nose when it’s fully zipped, perfect for chilly mornings 🙂 Again, I need to cool it with the Lulu but I sense a very, very bad addiction coming. At least they are good quality I suppose.

This past week was also my pup’s SECOND BIRTHDAY!

I can’t believe he is two years old!!! Craziness.

Anyways, I think I am adjusting to apartment life well. My running right now is sparoadic and with no plan. I have no races planned yet , so I’ve been running on feel and how much I feel I can push myself to that day. I do have the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on my radar (5/5/2013). It’s about a month and a half after our wedding, so I need to map out the training plan and see if it’s doable (I think it will be OK though if I keep my mileage up). They are having a sale on registering on Tuesday of 15 off the standard price of 80 ….tempting!!!!

Hopefully I’ll keep up with this better than I have been, but thank you for being patient!!!


Taking a Break

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been kind of MIA around here. The move really took it out of me and I’m still re-adjusting to life (and my longer commute, BOO!) With that, there has been little to no running.

Yesterday I attempted a run.

It ended abruptly at about .30 miles when I tripped and fell on the trail, twisting my ankle. It’s still a bit sore today …and I’ve sworn off trails for the time being 🙂

I’m downsizing my running goals. While the half marathon was fun to train for, it was mentally draining planning and running all the time. I want to be running for FUN. Because I WANT to. Not because my excel spreadsheet is telling me too. That being said, I DID sign up for The Great Race, but I’m currently trying to sell my bib. I know I won’t be able to run it …I’m way out of shape, and my heart is not into it right now.

I know I’ll get back into running soon, but for now I’m taking a much needed break so that I don’t burn out. I think I’ll experiment with cross-training, some work out DVD’s and quick, short runs.

I did happen across a new lust of mine.

UGH. Why did I walk into Lululemon? This jacket is everything I wish my Nike one was. It’s 100 bucks …and I’ve already got a fund set up for it (half way there baby!) I feel like I can’t justify it having just moved to a new apartment and hello, bills?!?! But it’s so freaking cute, it makes me look super slim and I KNOW I’d get so much use out of it. Plus, the thumbholes. I love to wear my hoodies and long sleeves over my hands at work …don’t ask me why I just do. We shall see! I LOVE the color but I feel like I should get something more practical?
Anyways, that’s it from me. You might hear from me soon, maybe later. Depends when the running high comes back (hopefully soon!)


Movin’ Out

This is my “ecstatic to be leaving work at three” face.

And this is Jordan’s “you’re not allowed to move out” face.

Tomorrow at 1:30 I’ll be headed to move into my first apartment! It’s going to be one long whirlwind of a weekend.

And because I have problems, I’ve set my sights on a different kind of road race. A 25K. Why?

It’s got my name on it. The Marshall Mangler 25K.

HEL-LO. Yes.

You can question my judgment later. Actually, I’m not 100% on doing this just yet. They do have an 8K version ….but we’ll see where my motivation is once the move is done.



The Aftermath of 13.1

To think, I thought I would not be sore after a half marathon. I was delusional. I thought if I stretched, iced and “sticked” myself; along with wearing compression as if it was going out of style, I’d be in tip top shape today. Not so. Turns out, no matter what you do, after running the farthest you have EVER you’re gonna feel a bit stiff and like dirt the next day. And you need to just deal.

Thanks, R.E.M. (Sidenote, when I marched drum corps our morning stretch during spring training was often this song. Hardy har har, Carolina Crown staff)

This is the face of someone who has to hobble everywhere because their lower back and knees are killing. But worth it, right?

Because I don’t like to intimidate myself, I had never checked out the elevation chart for the half marathon. A lot of my friends who ran the race prior mentioned it was flat and fast, when in reality it actually had a gradual climb to it. I honestly didn’t notice it too much while running, but could definetly tell I was going up. And when I hit the turnaround at mile 7 and a volunteer yelled “IT’S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE!” I knew I wasn’t insane.

To say I hadn’t trained for hills would be an understatement of the century. I believe I had one run in it with hills, and it was my tragic 8 miler. I walked the hills and walked a mile that run, so I hardly admit that I trained for hills. Noted. More hill training next time.

My poor soaked shoes and insoles. I learned a lot about myself from pushing through those three long, wet-soaked miles.

So why am I sitting here contemplating signing up for a 10 mile road race in October? Maybe because I’ve found what I enjoy in running, distance. I enjoy running my own race, not having to be a slave to pace like in 5ks, and just enjoying myself (although according my recap I wasn’t enjoying myself, haa).

I have to be careful though, because I’m starting a bit more wedding planning after we move out. I can’t be running races every weekend and I need to plan my days around 4 other women for my dress fitting. Actually just texted my sister seeing if this was the weekend she couldn’t make it home, crossing my fingers it is. But still, the draw of the race is almost too much. It’s a shorter distance than the half (I don’t think I want to run another half yet) and the fee is only 35.00.  I love cheap, long races. It’d be something different to challenge myself with, and the name is HARVEST MOON. Hello!!! I LOVE that game!

So to say that this half wasn’t “life-changing” or “run-state of mind changing” would be an understatement. I can do the longer distances, it’s possible now. I just need to keep challenging myself. To think I’m considering signing up for more races while my lower half is in a state of pure-stiffness is insane. But, I suppose that is just who I am.

For the state of the blog, I can guarantee you there will be little to no running/working out this week. I move out of my house on Friday night, so this upcoming week will be full of packing, stressing and the like. If I can squeeze a run in I will, but it’s not my top priority 🙂 We’ll be getting internet at our apartment on September 16th, so I may be able to get a few phone posts up over the weekend, but again not my priority. And the countdown to moving out has begun!!!


Taking it Easy

Good Saturday everyone! Sorry I have  been absent this past week but I’ve sure had a busy and productive one!

This Wednesday I went over to my friend Andrea’s place. I’m cat-sitting this weekend for her and figured it was the perfect time to ask her to be a bridesmaid! She said yes 🙂 I think she’s more excited than I am!!! Haha.

Thursday was a hectic day at work. It was one of those days I would prefer to never repeat, nothing bad happened it was just way too busy for my own good. That night Brian and I decided to finally go and set up our joint bank account! We both worked 8-5 that day, but since he works a bit farther from our bank I beat him there and feasted on some tea and sushi.

This was one of those annoyances that I really wanted to get taken care of, so I’m happy we finally have an account. I just need to add him as an authorized user on one of my credit cards and we are all set. I also got the Comcast set up as well, thankfully! We’ll have internet and cable on September 16th 🙂

And yesterday was a fun day of work. My coworker and I brought in donuts for our team because of the long weekend, and our boss had to stay until 8:30 the night prior. I invited the IT guys for some too, and in the process discovered their IT fort of computer boxes. It was amusing.

And now onto RUNNING! Yeah, what this blog is for.

Last night I went and picked up my bag and bib for the Steelers 5K tomorrow!

LOTS of Steelers things. And I was super excited about the deodorant cause it’s the EXACT kind that I use. There were lots of coupons, Steeler stickers and pictures and a few samples of lipton teas. I really like the race shirt (it’s a Nike Dri-Fit) but it’s a mens size so the sleeves are a bit long on me. Bummer. BUT, registration for this races was only 15 bucks so I wasn’t even expecting this much swag! I was impressed.

I haven’t run or worked out all week. My 12 miler last week really took it out on me and instead of running junk miles, I allowed myself to cool out and just recover. I have been itching to run, and I hope that I still am tomorrow for the race.

I’ve learned though that while there are those days that you should force yourself to run, sometimes you need a mini break to enjoy it again. I don’t want to run so much that it feels like a job. Especially since I’ve got a lot going on (HELLO, MOVING IN TWO WEEKS). I’ve got enough running coming up 🙂

LOL perfect.