PLEASE forgive the long absence. I definetly underestimated the toll that moving would take on me! It wasn’t just the move itself, but adjusting to a longer commute, having to do ALL my own chores/errands and getting sick in the process.  I’m all better right now and ready to give you a recap of my running life + real life!!!

Last Saturday was OKTOBERFEST!!!! I drank a half gallon of Penn Brewery Penns Gold and had a grand old time. I love Oktoberfest so much!!!

I did decide to get a Lululemon Define jacket. I fell in love with the color and fit and just had to grab it. It also didn’t hurt that when I sold my Great Race bib I doubled my money (got 40 bucks, only paid 20!). I went straight to my store to pick it up. I love it!

This past Monday the 24th Brian had to work at 6am. I took this opportunity to get up with him and go to the gym to bang out some miles. I did and felt GREAT! I wasn’t even tired the rest of the day and would totally go again at this hour.

Saturday was my next running day but I didn’t take any pictures. It was actually a very impromptu trip. Brian and I decided to go around 7pm that night and I had eaten TONS of spicy food and cheese. My body hated me after that run, but during it I felt OK.

And today after doing mounds of laundry I hit the ‘mill again for three more miles. After the three I hit the balancing ball and did some crunches and planks. My abs hurt.

That’s my second Lululemon jacket, I think it’s called the In Stride. I fell in love with the neck on it because it comes up and covers your mouth and nose when it’s fully zipped, perfect for chilly mornings 🙂 Again, I need to cool it with the Lulu but I sense a very, very bad addiction coming. At least they are good quality I suppose.

This past week was also my pup’s SECOND BIRTHDAY!

I can’t believe he is two years old!!! Craziness.

Anyways, I think I am adjusting to apartment life well. My running right now is sparoadic and with no plan. I have no races planned yet , so I’ve been running on feel and how much I feel I can push myself to that day. I do have the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on my radar (5/5/2013). It’s about a month and a half after our wedding, so I need to map out the training plan and see if it’s doable (I think it will be OK though if I keep my mileage up). They are having a sale on registering on Tuesday of 15 off the standard price of 80 ….tempting!!!!

Hopefully I’ll keep up with this better than I have been, but thank you for being patient!!!


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