“No One Told You When to Run….”

I am still in disbelief that the day I’ve been training for is TOMORROW! Tomorrow, I can finally call myself a “half marathoner” (question, do people ever refer to themselves as this? lol). Needless to say I spent the majority of the day prepping my body (see, carb loading and nuun-chugging).

I sported my trusty Aspaeris shorts and ProCompression socks under my work attire for some added boost. Lucky for me my black socks were clean, because I was hurting for a pair and almost had to resort to my purple ones …heh.

After a mentally draining day of work, I decided to head out to a sushi place my by house to carb up. The last time I ate sushi before a race I fared pretty well, and who doesn’t love just mounds and mounds of rice?

I got two California rolls, a salmon roll and a HUGE bowl of rice. I still have most of the rice in the fridge as I was pretty bloated up after all this delicious sushi.

After that I decided on a quick bath with some blog surfing. Note, sleepy dog next to the tub. He loves to watch the water go down the tub when I’m done.

Who, me? I don’t do childish things like that anymore. I am not a puppy, I am TWO!

Laid out all my stuff for the early morning alarm. I’ve come to the conclusion that I tend to gravitate towards my blue UA shirts ….I think I’ve worn that one in 3/4 races, haha.

So that was my day and prep in pictures. I plan on waking up at 6am tomorrow, getting all ready and hope to be out at the mall by 7am. WISH ME LUCK! AHHHH!!!


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