Taper Twosday

Miles Today; 2

Miles This Week; 5.1


Get it? Taper? And I ran 2 Miles? On a Tuesday? …….*crickets*

Good Tuesday everyone! I for one had a great one at work. Went by super quick, which is just what you need after a good long weekend.

Side note, you should check out this video to see yours truly at 1:46 finishing the race! 🙂

So today I set out for an easy two miles. This is my last run before the marathon so I wanted to take it a bit easy, but also push myself a little. Does that make sense? Basically …I wanted to go out fast and see how fast I could kick it for the first mile and whatever I managed the way back was fine with me, as long as I kept running.

I was super thirsty and forgot my water bottle (JK that’s a lie, my handheld I packed up in my boxes for moving. STUPID!) so I decided to run the path on the trail towards a water fountain. Since I was SUPER thirty I somehow made it down there in 9:14. I looked down at my watch at one point and saw I was at 7:59! I didn’t FEEL like I was going that fast. Amazing what we can do when we don’t think, right?

Anyways, after stopping for some H20 I made the trek back. This was a different story in terms of feel. My left thigh started rubbing and it was not painful but it was an annoyance. I thought at first it was the drawstrings but they were outside my pants. Long story short, when I got back I found out it was a spider bite. BOO! The mile back I ended up running in 10:00 flat. I’ll take that. I was actually pretty spent from the run because I hadn’t eaten since 2pm and practically drank no water at work today. For shame! How dare I call myself a runner.

I honestly love this trail so much. However, it’s really hard for me to believe this is my last run before the half marathon. Just a few months ago I decided to give it a shot, and here I am just days away! To say I’m not proud of myself, I’d be lying. I will be even more proud when I pass that finish line Saturday morning. I CAN do this ….this little girl who kept getting stress fractures anytime she did sorts of physical activity rose above all that, ran injury free AND accomplishing more than I thought I could. Part of me thinks a full marathon is something in my future ………buttttttttttttt lets not count our chickens before they hatch, eh?

It’s crazy how we can accomplish something if we put our minds to it. To think, back in march I thought to myself “Eh, Couch to 5k ….why not” ….and here I am. Sorry to get all emotional and stuff but this is some crazy stuff, running your first “big race”. I am pumped. Packet pickup is Thursday and I can’t waaaaaaaait!!! Oh Saturday, hurry please.

Got home and stretched out a bit while enjoying some fruits n@.

Jordan needed a good stretch too.

And I’m off to carboload on some spaghetti ….like whoa. I think this is my favorite part of the training 🙂


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