Labor Day Pup Walk

Since I ran yesterday (and pretty hard, to be honest) I decided that as MUCH as I wanted to run today, I would hold back and just go for a walk. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and take this mutt with me;

I walked the same trail that I ran the 5K on yesterday, and we ended up walking 2.25 miles. It was packed with bikers and runners because of the Labor Day holiday, but everyone seemed to be cheered up just a bit by his smiling face. It made me feel good that I was in some way helping them through their workouts. I know when I run I absolutely love watching the dogs taking walks.

Jordan’s favorite part about this trail is the river. He wasted no time in taking me to his first river spot. We didn’t spend much time there because I actually fell trying to get down and I got pissed off. So we got back on the trail.

There’s an even bigger opening down farther on the path where all the crew boats sit. I also think it’s home to Three Rivers Rowing. We spent about 20 minutes down here and he enjoyed swimming and saying hi to kayak’ers by.

I had about enough after three or four shakeoffs from Jordan. I was soaked from head to toe and smelled like nasty river water. I think Jordan was spent too because he started crying and laid down in the river after a bit. Such a baby.

I wore my Take a Step 5K shirt from the June race and a runner recognized it and told me he had ran it this year as well. Since he was running I didn’t really catch his name, but that was pretty sweet! I also wore my spibelt to carry all of Jordan’s treats and poopbags. Now that’s going to smell like Milkbones for the Half on Saturday 🙂

After a mile walk back to the car we were done! I was covered in sweat and soggy river water. Getting out of my soaked shoes couldn’t come soon enough.

Tired pup! I hope you all have a nice, relaxing Labor Day!


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