First Sub 30 5k – Steelers 5k!

Miles Today; 3.1

Miles This Week; 3.1


5K Number 3 is in the books!

I had a BLAST at the Gatorade/Steelers 5K. It was awesome to walk in and around the stadium and see so many past steelers and steelers fans! And ….I broke my goal for this race of running a sub 30 5k!

Chip times were announced and my time was 28:58!


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  1. Hi RR! Now you did it! Blogging about you’re runs and races! That’s all I needed to hear and read! Well let me tell you something Ms. Robyn, just great! You’re the new generation, unlike the Pepsi Generation, that will literally follow in our footsteps. Actually you’re already ahead of me! Good that everything in your life is joyous! Working, running, blogging, and getting married! A true runner’s high! Of which, there are basically 3 local timing services in the area: by 12,000+ consecutive daily runs Mark Courtney by enthusiast Herb Cratty & SERJ Timing out of Uniontown, Pa. Yesterday’s 24th Steeler 5k was timed by a Michigan group, I think. Plus! For the 2011 Steeler 5k, I wrote an article for the Runner’s Gazette, the January 2012 issue, , published out of Lewisburg(Bucknell University), PA! I had 2 others published, the John Woodruff 5k in Connellsville, PA in November 2011’s issue and the Little Great Race in Charleroi, PA from September, 2011 in that January issue also. A couple comments. That 4 lane road that leads to Heinz Field is West General Robinson Avenue. You’ll go past his statue. Impersonating him is Pirate great Honus Wagner! (insert joke number 1) Also, part of the thrill of the race is the award ceremonies, the top men and women winners, the course which was changed last year, anyway a record run, 14:16 by Jed Christenson, a running family, from Greenville, PA, Jon Burnett TV 2 KDKA & Michelle Michaels of 102.5 WDVE cohost this every year now, the honorary Steelers or Steeler Aaron Smith, and prizes to all other runners of which that bottom nametag went into a fiberglass box on the stage! You could have won Steeler tickets! Or met me! (insert joke number 2) So much more to say, but I’ll be on my way, informing you of stats and such, overwhelming maybe too much! Live to run, run to live, all your efforts, you gotta give! My ‘saidch

  2. Continued. My mistake.. my ‘shedule’ , like the Brits say, is the Little Great Race 5k in Charleroi, then our Great Race September 30, & nothing until my birthday, Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012, when I’ll be 26+30, running the hilly 9 mile 103 year old “Run for the Diamonds” in Berwick, PA! One of the coolest, literally, races, the pasta dinner Wednesday night is in the Elks Lodge near the start of the course that is somewhat shaped like a diamond! Plus, the top 7 men receive diamond rings while the top 7 women receive diamond pendants! So, a diamond in the rough, this is enough, enjoy your holiday, and thanks for my say! Johnny R

  3. Haha! Thank you very much for all that info! I wish I could have stuck around for the raffles (TICKETS?!?!? AH!) but I had to go feed a friends cat and had other errands to ‘run’, lol. And thanks for naming that street, the name was eluding me forever!

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