Taking it Easy

Good Saturday everyone! Sorry I have  been absent this past week but I’ve sure had a busy and productive one!

This Wednesday I went over to my friend Andrea’s place. I’m cat-sitting this weekend for her and figured it was the perfect time to ask her to be a bridesmaid! She said yes 🙂 I think she’s more excited than I am!!! Haha.

Thursday was a hectic day at work. It was one of those days I would prefer to never repeat, nothing bad happened it was just way too busy for my own good. That night Brian and I decided to finally go and set up our joint bank account! We both worked 8-5 that day, but since he works a bit farther from our bank I beat him there and feasted on some tea and sushi.

This was one of those annoyances that I really wanted to get taken care of, so I’m happy we finally have an account. I just need to add him as an authorized user on one of my credit cards and we are all set. I also got the Comcast set up as well, thankfully! We’ll have internet and cable on September 16th 🙂

And yesterday was a fun day of work. My coworker and I brought in donuts for our team because of the long weekend, and our boss had to stay until 8:30 the night prior. I invited the IT guys for some too, and in the process discovered their IT fort of computer boxes. It was amusing.

And now onto RUNNING! Yeah, what this blog is for.

Last night I went and picked up my bag and bib for the Steelers 5K tomorrow!

LOTS of Steelers things. And I was super excited about the deodorant cause it’s the EXACT kind that I use. There were lots of coupons, Steeler stickers and pictures and a few samples of lipton teas. I really like the race shirt (it’s a Nike Dri-Fit) but it’s a mens size so the sleeves are a bit long on me. Bummer. BUT, registration for this races was only 15 bucks so I wasn’t even expecting this much swag! I was impressed.

I haven’t run or worked out all week. My 12 miler last week really took it out on me and instead of running junk miles, I allowed myself to cool out and just recover. I have been itching to run, and I hope that I still am tomorrow for the race.

I’ve learned though that while there are those days that you should force yourself to run, sometimes you need a mini break to enjoy it again. I don’t want to run so much that it feels like a job. Especially since I’ve got a lot going on (HELLO, MOVING IN TWO WEEKS). I’ve got enough running coming up 🙂

LOL perfect.


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