PACKING (heat).

Miles Today; None, rest day!


While there is no run to speak of on this day, I have to re-post this awesome motivational picture;

TRUTH. (Stolen from Love her blog!

Today was great. Started slow but picked up with this;

Iced latte and an artisan bacon. Only way I can start a work day.

On my lunch I decided to give Comcast a call to set up new service. Unfortunately, the current tenant hasn’t shut theirs off yet so I’m SOL until they do that. I also was SOL on taking a backseat nap cause of this shit;

MOVING BOXES! Boo to the Depot (Brian works for Lowes), but they were free and free is for me.

I decided that packing in ‘phases’ is the best thing to do. When I got home I started packing up things I definetly won’t need, like my stuffed animals and desk decorations…


All cleaned up! (Obviously not packing up those shoes just yet!)

And all packed away. I’m proud of the amount I packed up. I don’t think I will need too many more boxes honestly. The worst is going to be the clothes …oy.

After I was done with that my left calf was throbbing. Not sure what the hell is going on, maybe it was a charley horse or a cramp, but oyyyy it hurts. So compression it is!

All in all, a productive day.


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