Happy Sunday!

Good Morning all! Today is a day of rest, for my quads and shins are screaming at me. Nothing a bit of compression can’t solve, though!

So, since mapping my weekly goals worked so well last week (and actually kept me post daily, whaaaaaaaaaat) I figured I would re-cap them and then post my next weeks goals!

From my last Sunday post;

1. Stop stressing about the job. I don’t need to be perfect (it’s only second week training) and every email does not need to be meticulously over-thought.

Yeah, it worked. No stressing AND got a huge compliment email from my boss Friday. I’d say success.

2. Find a new running book or something to read to motivate my running more.

I downloaded a few samples on my Kindle of some running books, and also got some running mags in this week which helped!

3. Do NOT spend ANY money this week. ‘Til Saturday, if I can (except gas). If not Saturday at LEAST til payday (Thursday).

Yeah, this didn’t happen. I bought a gatorade ON thursday and then sushi friday. At least I made it to Thursday!

4. Speaking of number three, this blog is really turning me on to Lululemon and I NEED to curb that. Maybe I’ll get a pair of their arm warmers …when it’s colder….maybe

Haven’t thought about it til I looked at this post, hah.

5. Be proactive. I’ve already decided what my breakfast tomorrow will be (iced coffee/click shake and a slimfast), have my gym bag all packed and my compression socks on for happy legs :)

Other than the one day I forgot my sports bra, and when I forgot my glasses at home, we was golden on this one.


This week I don’t have *too* many goals as for running it’s kind of a rest week.

1. Decide if I want to sell my Nike Tempos. I never wear them, I’ve found I enjoy bottoms that cover my entire thigh so they don’t rub ….sooooo, decide once and for all! (That note, if you wear a medium in these let me know! I’ve got five pairs and can give you first dibs)

2. Decide if I want to sell my VS Pink yoga pants. They aren’t fitting as well as they used to (I need to size DOWN!!!) So, figure out if it’s annoying enough to sell.

3. Start packing! Pack up my shelves first, put away stuff I won’t need for the next three weeks.

4. Pick a November race to run. There’s an enticing, though far away race Hot Chocolate 15K in Columbus, OH ….

5. Get my GODDAMN Comcast set up for the apartment. If the guy ever calls me BACK!

6. Get my euphonium out to a store to consign it/sell it.


Running Schedule (more like rest schedule, hah);

Sunday; Rest

Monday; Rest

Tuesday; Cross Train/Strength

Wednesday; Rest

Thursday; 3 Miles

Friday; Cross Train

Saturday; Rest (Running a 5K on Sunday)


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  1. Not sure if we chatted about this before, but the two books I recently read about running, which I loved were What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami and <Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Both are incredibly fascinating! I reviewed both on my other blog, Coffee and a Book Chick, and they were audiobooks that I read while running, which was extremely motivational. Enjoy!

  2. Oooooh …I’ve heard good things about “What I talk about….”. I’ll have to download the sample tonight. Also heard alot about Born to Run. Thanks! And I never even thought of an audio book, that would be fantastic!

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