A Hungover Long Run.

Miles Today; 12

Miles This Week; 19


So last night when I mentioned I was going to a friends for drinks, I hadn’t intended on getting drunk. …I mean, hello I had 12 miles to do today! However, SOMEONE decided to place the Southern Comfort and lime juice in front of me ….and I cannot say no to the SoCo. Needless to say, had about 6 shots and was feelin’ gooooooooooood.

I came home around 1am and chugged two bottles of water, not to mention the pound of watermelon I housed at the party. I woke up today at 10am groggy and headachey. I still had to get out there and run, no excuses.

Bagel bites. Not my normal pre-run fuel, but damn did it feel good! Plus, carbs …right? I had a bottle of Nuun as well and sat around for an hour to let it all settle. Before I headed out the door I took 4 GU chomps and was on my way to the gym.

I didn’t want to run on the treadmill, but my undying thirst and tendency to need bathrooms after I’m hungover, I figured it was the best option. Sidenote, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be wearing my pivot shorts and compression socks for the half marathon. I feel so comfortable in them and I think it’s a cute look 🙂

I was also using this run as my ‘trial’ race run. I wanted to pace my fuel and see how it would all work. Aside from my extreme thirst, which obviously was from my alcoholic adventures, everything was peachy!

The first four miles I ran at a 10:00 mile pace (my HMP pace). They FLEW by, but by the end I was really dragging, mainly because I have not ran at a 10:00 mile pace expecting to run more than 5 miles. I decided to take two GU chomps after 5 miles. I slowed down to a minute walk to get some water and sped back up again.

Because the treadmill’s at my gym only go up to 40 minutes with a 5 min cooldown, I decided to run 40, walk 5. This worked out and kept my morale up cause let’s be real, running on a treadmill for a long time sucks.

I started to kind of bonk out around my second run on the treadmill at 8 miles, so I decided to take the last of my GU’s then and take an extended walk. After that was when my friend Kelly scared the SHIT out of me by running on the treadmill next to me and tapping me on the shoulder. We said our “Hi’s” and “How are you’s” and were on our way. I had no idea she went to my gym!

Before I knew it I was DONE. DONE with my last long run before the half marathon! I feel pretty good with everything, my fueling, my training. I missed ONE long run (my 9 miler). I can’t wait for the race now!


After that run my feet were very happy to be in sandals.

So there you have it. No more LR’s ….just two weeks to go to the Half!!!!

I also DO NOT recommend running hungover, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!!


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