Tired. Exhausted ….Gatorade?

No miles today, cross training day!

This was one of those days where I REALLY, REALLY …seriously REALLY did NOT want to work out. Let me tell you the tale of my failed day.

This morning, I got to work only to realize I had forgot my glasses. Yeah …those things I need to SEE?! I thought I would be OK without em for a day, but man did I get a bad migraine. I drove home on my lunch and picked them up.

You ever have those days where you feel like you weren’t all “there”? Yeah today was that day for me. Couldn’t get into a rhythm after forgetting one of the more important things I need ….

My tummy hurt pretty bad as I was leaving work, and I seriously contemplating going home. Instead, I kept driving past my exit home and drove to the gas station. I needed gas (duh) for my car, and decided to buy myself some gatorade to hopefully curb my tummy ache.

It worked! It took all my energy, but I got there and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and lots of core and quad work.

As always, Jordan was right there waiting for me as I sat in my compression-ed out state eating bagel bites when I got home.

So I broke my no-buy, but in my mind it was totally worth it. I would have never made it through my workout feeling like I did, and sometimes all you  need is a little pick me up 🙂


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