Gas Doors are IMPORTANT

Miles Today; 3

Miles This Week; 7

Tune of the Run; Pete Townshend – My Love Open the Door


My run tonight was good! Work was pretty stagnant after my lunch and I was itching to get out and hit the gym.

Remembered that sports bra today!

My three miles went fairly well. I ran at about a 10 minute pace, but boy did my abs HURT! I thought maybe it was just cramps, but it was my actual abs being extremely sore. Almost felt like they were ripping towards the end. I just kind of tried to stand up and run taller and that seemed to help. Maybe I over-did the ab workout Monday? Who knows.

My gym has been surprisingly empty lately. Maybe because it’s summer and it’s semi-nice out. I dunno, it was too hot for me to run outside. I’m a pussy when it comes to temps above 80 though.


So obviously since my abs hurt so bad I decided to do some crunches. Big mistake. I sat down and after the first I was whimpering in pain. I kept going and did 50. I didn’t want to look like a dumbass (gonna take a lot more than just doing crunches to do that…..) Ouch. It’s for the best though. I need a strong core!

So far I’m sticking to the schedule for the week! Feels good.

I can’t remember if I mentioned on the blog, but my car was getting fixed because I broke the gas door off of it a while ago. It’s amazing the difference a new door makes, as well as a nice waxing/tire clean. It looks like a whole new car. And my driver side door now locks! Amazing. Still has roll-up windows. That’s how I roll ….hah.

Let me know if you like me splitting up my posts in two; like my non-run activities (such as work) and then a post solely for running.


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