Choking on pudding.

Because I am physically incapable of relaxing at work, I decided to put up a quick lunch post from my phone. How exciting.

This morning I woke up with an aweful foot cramp so I ran straight for my compression socks.


Derpin face again.

It was odd, like all my toes were cramped and one side of my shin. They feel fine now but it was an odd pain.


Made some scrambles. Delicious.

I drove to work in the fire fog again. This fog needs to quit because honestly, my brain gets so confused.

I’ve finished up most of my work for the day and have one meeting when I go back. After work I’m probably hitting up the gym for my three miles as its getting just a tad hot out.

I did manage to choke on my rice pudding and proceed to throw it up in a bag in my car. TMI? Sorry….I was just impressed at my impeccable eating coordination.


And now what do I do for the rest of my lunch hour? Read blogs? Nap? Take more pictures of my feet?


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