Foggy Minds

Miles today; none, rest day.

Miles this week; 4


Today rolling in to work I legitimately thought something was on fire. Turns out it was just fog and I hadnt yet turned on my brain to compute that.


Work was great today. Easy stuff and learning more. I was still busy as always but I love that since work will fly by. I was not a fan of forgetting my morning coffee….I had to drink the nasty free coffee at work, and it didn’t even do a damn thing!


All day I contemplating maybe working out tonight, but once I got home it was decided I just needed to veg out. I don’t get many nights to literally do nothing, so I need to savor these.


I forgot how hard dark nail polish was to remove. Yuck.


Because our new oven still hasn’t come in I’m kind of stuck on food to make. So quessadilla it was. It was Ok. I need to stop making them with colby jack cheese.


No. None for you.

I am starting to get super excited for wedding planning. Brian and I decided we won’t do many things until after we move. I watched a documentary on Disney World last night and boyyyyyyy I cant wait for our honeymoon!!!


This dog has quite the life.

And moving is in less than a month! I came wait. I am ready to have my own place to call my own. Living with the boy isn’t half bad either.

Hope you all have had a great day!


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