A Lesson in Proper Gear

Miles Today; 4 slow treadmill miles

Miles This Week; 4


Remember how one of my goals was to be proactive?

Guess who forgot their sports bra for the gym…….(this chick).

I didn’t let that get in my way though and still had an awesome run.

Yeah Jordan, thanks for reminding me to pack my bra …THANKS!

Anyways, today was much better than last week. I wasn’t as stressed out and was in a really great mood all day. Not entirely sure where it came from but I take those as I can. I was starved around 11:30 so I busted out some of my JIF to-go cups of PB chocolate with some pretzels.


It was also a really beautiful day out, and I contemplated running outside …but I wanted to go to the gym to do some weights and core work too. The gym ended up winning and thankfully to my “girls”, I was able to contain them on the ‘mill.

They survived the four mile trek. It hurt …and I’ll never forget my sports bra again. I would not recommend unless you are seriously determined. Rolling my sleeves up helped a bit, but I was tossling with the straps the whole run. I never got “into” the run and it seriously felt like junk miles. I finished in 41 minutes though, which was surprising.

Since my run wasn’t where I wanted it to be I took it out on my abs. I did around 120 crunches, 3 60 sec planks (with a 3rd being 90 sec) and worked my abs on the ab machine. I was feeling it and it felt great!

After that I headed home. I was pretty proud of myself for getting to the gym even though I forgot something important. I considered going to Target and buying one on the fly, but remembering the ‘no buy’ I didn’t 🙂

I came home to some awesomenesssssssssssssss…

Moar procompression socks! This time in purple. LOVE! I may have an addiction to these socks. It’s bad.

After a quick shower I hopped into my post-workout garb and heated up some delicious buffalo chicken pizza. Time to carb up and chill out.

Nice herp-derp face, if I do say so myself.

And that’s all from me today. Happy running!


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  1. I love my compression socks! Couldn’t run without them anymore after my first time running with them!

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