Sunday Goal Time

I decided I need to start mapping out my week and setting some goals for myself.

1. Stop stressing about the job. I don’t need to be perfect (it’s only second week training) and every email does not need to be meticulously over-thought.

2. Find a new running book or something to read to motivate my running more.

3. Do NOT spend ANY money this week. ‘Til Saturday, if I can (except gas). If not Saturday at LEAST til payday (Thursday).

4. Speaking of number three, this blog is really turning me on to Lululemon and I NEED to curb that. Maybe I’ll get a pair of their arm warmers …when it’s colder….maybe

5. Be proactive. I’ve already decided what my breakfast tomorrow will be (iced coffee/click shake and a slimfast), have my gym bag all packed and my compression socks on for happy legs šŸ™‚

This week in runs (tee hee);

Monday; 4 miles/Core work

Tuesday; Rest

Wednesday; 3 miles

Thursday; Core work/XT

Friday; Rest/XT

Saturday; 12 Miles

Now please excuse me while I enjoy the rest of Steelers v. Colts and this massive Buffalo Chicken Pizza.


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