Off-Track With Purpose

Miles Today; none, rest day


So, I planned my half-marathon training at a bad time. Well, really I started doing it a week early. Basically, that means if I had done my 12 miler yesterday, I would have three weeks until the race.  I wanted it to line up so that I would only have two, so that my fitness wouldn’t fall out too much. When I looked at the calander this week I realized that I’d have a random “do whatever” week. I figured instead of a free for all training week, I’d forego my long run and pick up again tomorrow. It worked out nice since I went to a wedding yesterday!

The coolest part of the wedding was that the reception is at the same hall we’re having ours next year! I paid alot of attention to the behind the scenes things and it all seemed to go smoothly 🙂 I enjoyed the food and the hall seemed very open and airy. We made a good decision, I think. They also had a rented photobooth to take pictures in which was tons of fun (especially after a few dranks) ….so much fun that Brian and I are considering it ….as long as it’s not the cost of an arm and a leg.

It actually sparked my interest again in wedding planning. I’ve asked 3/4 of the bridesmaids so far, and right now Brian and I are kind of waiting until the move to plan anymore. Though it was awesome to get some ideas of things we’d like to do (I feel like I saw a lot of things I DIDN’T want to do….hah)

As for running, I’m kind of “eh” about it. I want to run, but I just can’t seem to get myself out there to do it. I’m hoping to motivate myself to do some miles tomorrow …god knows my body needs it after all the food I stuffed in me yesterday.

In random news, I am considering selling some of my Nike tempos. After I found capris and my pivot shorts, any time I wear the tempos I am chafe city. If I end up selling any I’ll post pics here in case you’d like some cheap ones (I wear size medium and most haven’t been worn more than 10 times since I found capris).

Other than that life has been good. Hectic, but good. I have another week of cross-training ahead of me and I’m just hoping to survive 🙂

Though I’ll NEVER have it as hard as Jordan.


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