Where ARE YOU!?

Miles Today; none


Again, again AGAIN I have not kept true to my word of not posting every day. I have been SWAMPED with work, to say the least. I’m now cross-training, QA-ing two departments, pulling additional calls/attending more meetings and now QA-ing our mailroom. UGH. Love the extra work and responsibility, do not enjoy the feeling of death I have coming home.

Oh yeah that’s right, I’m still training for this half marathon thing. I’ve seriously forgotten about running the past few days …ZERO time to do it. OR, I just haven’t made the time (oops).

To recap the past few days;

I had a shitty Tuesday as well. I was frustrated, couldn’t get much work done and was getting lots of backlash and pushback all day. I felt so bad I bought myself something on impulse ….but …awesome impulse.

I bought the WOW megablocks. Yep. Love it!!!

And then I bought more compression socks …I was WAITING for them to come back out with the purple! They’ve got a code SOM812 to get them for 30 bucks and free shipping.

Then Wednesday night I went to another baseball game with my old college roomie and her girlfriend. It was great! I even saw my old supervisor there…hah.

And now I’m off to sit on the couch and sulk/eat pizza (same thing).


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