Salty Face

Miles Today; 4

Miles This Week; 4

Tune of the Run; Katy Perry – Wide Awake


Happy Monday all! I for one had an incredibly hectic Monday. Learning a new job while still having all the responsibilities of the old (and THEN some) is already taking it’s toll on me. I’ll handle it though, I actually enjoy being busy.

All the stress of the day really put me in the mood to run. I think I’ve finally tricked my mind into enjoying a run after a stressful day. I drove down to the riverside trail by my house and started on my four miles.

Enjoying the AC …for now.

I had a dilemma and that was that I was thirsty, and I forgot to fill up my water bottle before I left work. So the route I wanted to take was out since there were no fountains ….so I ended up running the opposite direction to a bathroom that had a fountain. I was really thirsty so I made it there in about 10 minutes, which was a whole mile. I was kind of shocked because I wasn’t even breathing hard.

I had intended on filling my bottle and running back towards the trail I wanted to hit, but instead kept going the same way I was headed to make it another mile and turn around. I ran the next mile through some woods and seriously think I swallowed every gnat in sight. Gross.

At the turn around I was still feeling pretty good so I sped up a bit to see how I’d feel. I honestly didn’t look at my Garmin unless it beeped the mile mark. By the time I had hit 3 miles and the bathroom I was home free.

I almost ran into two crew boats though, that was comical (not).

Before I knew it I was back at my car!

I still wore my compression socks to be safe. They were slightly sore this morning and my feet get cold at work anyways so it was win win 🙂

When I was done, my face was EXTREMELY tight. I don’t normally wash my face before I run (I know, I know bad to run in makeup) …but it normally ends up oily, not dry. I looked at my face in my car window and I had STREAKS of white coming down my face ….sweet saltiness. I took a cue from that and am sipping on some GU Brew 🙂

I’m kind of pissed I couldn’t run it in 40 minutes flat, but I’ll get there.

Other than that it was a great run. I’ve been having great luck with good runs lately, cross your fingers that it stays this  way! I’m off to ice and stretch, and maybe some core work if I’m crazy.


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  1. GREAT RUN!! And yes, compression socks are a win-win all around! I wore mine for the second time last night and it was perfect for me. They just work wonders. I don’t normally carry a water bottle when I run because I hate carrying things, but I think once my distance increases considerably, I’m going to have to accomodate that. I normally run in my neighborhood which has a great outer loop, but it would be great if I stashed some bottles of water along my route. Something I should think about, that’s for sure!

  2. I’m a huge baby about water and I always need it around, haha.

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