A Day of Rest and Tea

Miles Today; None, rest day.


Today’s been pretty boring. I figured out why my alarm hadn’t gone off at the correct time since Thursday; I’ve had it set to PM. No wonder. (Cue, the more you know). I had nothing on my agenda so I started off the day like anyone else would.

ATE BAGEL BITES! I’m clearly 12 years old.

After that I decided to clean out my closet a bit.

I got rid of a good bit of work clothes I never wear and some coats. Lately I’ve been feeling like I need to seriously downsize, especially because of the move coming up. I went through my work out clothes too and got rid of two pairs of shorts. I have to start small with those, because I’m overly attached to some of those 🙂

I keep all my shirts in the closet now. Frees up SO much more space for even MORE bottoms! 🙂

Other than the cleaning I’ve been playing some video games! I finally downloaded Portal and Team Fortress 2 and have been enjoying them. Portal is starting to get into the harder puzzles and I’m getting easily frustrated though.

Other than that, I’ve not done much. I’ve been perusing the Under Armour and Lululemon websites (a Lulu just opened in the mall here, uh oh!). I really do not need anymore work out clothes …why is it so much fun to LOOK at them though?! No idea ….oh, and drinking tea. Not sure why I’ve been obsessed with drinking hot tea, but I have been absolutely craving it.

Now I think I’m going to go do some core work since my poor leggies are sore.



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