Slipping and a Long Run

Miles Today; 11

Miles This Week; 16

Tune of the Run; Fun – Some Nights


So sorry I’ve been slipping on the posts. I told myself I was really going to try and post everyday (not just on days I run), but that hasn’t happened. It didn’t help that work was exceptionally busy and hectic. Lots of things have changed (for the better). I’m cross-training to QA a different department starting next week (while still covering my old department work) so it’s going to be a crazy transition. I’m excited for it though.

Anyways, my long run!

I ate a bagel with peanut butter, a Starbucks double shot and a few GU chomps. I probably should have ate more, but I couldn’t stomach much.

I went down to the North Shore trail that I normally run. It was a beautiful 60 degrees out and I was loving it. I ran the first two miles with my Nike coverup but quickly got too hot so I threw it on my car. As I ran the first two miles I came across a brewfest going on! Too bad I didn’t have my ID or money because I was totally having thoughts about finishing my run with a beer or two.

This run seemed to all blend together, honestly. No part of it was too easy or too hard, until I hit 7 miles when my garmin died. I was so pissed …it said the battery was dead but I just charged it last night! It kept shutting down and powering up and beeping and generally aggravating me. I couldn’t wait until I hit 9 miles so I could toss it in my car. I powered up my iPod’s tracker thing and put 4 miles into it so that I’d still get a semi-accurate time.

By the 9th mile I was completely out of gatorade. I actually had mixed it too sweet so I never felt completely hydrated. When I hit 10 miles I filled up with some water by the brewfest from earlier …it tasted awful but at least I was getting some water in me. The last mile sucked ….I kept running .25 and stopping for more water. I kept repeating that and finally finished with a time of 2:19. I’m on pace to finish my 13.1 in around 2:40. I am going to try as hard as I can to run those whole 13.1 miles!!!!


I took a half mile walk to warm down and my calves were TIGHT!!!! I had to walk on my tip toes so they wouldn’t hurt (which probably made it worse). Sitting down was the greatest feeling ever. I came home, showered and ate my weight in bagel bites. I then crashed on the couch and eventually fell asleep while watching Handball on the Olympics. Now I feel fresh and ready to take on another run! What is wrong with me?!


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