Burnt my tounge.

Miles today; none, rest day.


Today had been one of those days. Going through the motions and getting frustrated at stupid things.

I’m finally getting on to asking people to be my bridesmaids. I asked my sis to be my maid of honor to which she said yes 🙂 I am meeting with one of my lifelong friends this Saturday to ask her. We’ve fallen out of touch somewhat so I really hope she accepts. If I can ask them all before the end of August ill be happy.

Things with the wedding have been going okay. Every once in a while I think of something totally random that is NOT important and I get all stressed (like hair and makeup…..lol). Other than that Brian and I seem to have it under control.

I’ve still got a few things to take care of for the apartment…..we still need renters insurance and I’ve got to set up cable and internet. We keep thinking of stuff we need too but honestly its not the end of the world if we don’t have a storage unit in the bathroom for a few days.

Life has been good though. I am feeling slightly sore from my 10 miles Saturday. Just enough to warrant another rest day as my training plan suggests. My shins hurt so bad Sunday though. Right below my knees were aching with every step, and the top of my left foot hurt too. It’s all calmed down now with regular icing and stetching so I am not too worried. I’ll probably head out for five miles tomorrow.

Work has been work today. Going through the motions, listening to many .podcasts, and burning my mouth on easy mac. All in a days work I say.

And here’s a photo of Jordan so this post isn’t a wall of text. CYA!



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