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Miles Today; 4

Miles This Week; 7


Today was a strangely good day. I started it off by winning Pirates tickets from a local radio station! I was sitting in my car before work and heard the chance to call in. I figured, why the heck not and I WON!!! It was so strange! So I drove over to the station on my break and picked them up. Now Brian and I have a date next week πŸ™‚

I felt good enough for a run after work so I took to my gym. I wanted to run outside but it was far too hot for that.

I did four miles and it was strangely easy. The first 3 miles flew by like nothing, mainly because I was attached to the TV screen watching the news. I stopped only twice; once to restart the machine for the last mile and another time to tie my shoe. It was awesome! I felt like I could have pounded out another mile other than my left shin giving me grief. I think I finished just under 42 minutes, I was going about <11 minute miles.

I’ve only had shin pain when I wear my Gel Equations ….so, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with that. I’ll probably still wear them and see if it actually IS those shoes, or just something else I’m doing wrong.

So I hopped off the machine and raced home to shower. I seriously love post-run showers, they make me feel like a new woman.

Afterwards, I unintentionally supported Team USA in my compression get-up.

I’m seriously loving the red style of these Aspaeris shorts. They are pretty slick. Make sure to check out their Get 2 for 45 deal …it’s a serious steal. ProCompression also has a nice Schwaggle going on for 50% off and free shipping too.

Now time to ice my shins and enjoy some nachos with a side of Olympics! CYA!


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