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Miles Today; 3

Miles This Week; 3


Woot! 40 Miles for this month! Still on the fence if I want to go for 3-4 miles tomorrow to make it even more 🙂

I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. I’ve been logging only one run a week, and then sometimes a long run (I missed my 9 miler this weekend….) and NEED to get back into it. Today I decided to run 3 miles on my lunch while I was still feeling good.

Again, my secret was wearing all my stuff under my work clothes. I felt pretty good my entire run …it was slightly hot, but I gave myself quick water breaks to cool down. I also ran into a coworker at the park which was odd. He gave me a double take, almost as if to say “Wait, you …run too?”. Nice. I didn’t look at my watch much …and maybe I need to do that more often;

Hi, my name is Robyn and I ran 3 miles a whole minute under 30! That gives me faith that I can finally commit to my 5K PR goal time of sub 30 minutes! I’m so going for that now!

I’m starting to love running in my Aspaeris shorts. My legs just feel so much lighter when I wear them …and I love how they cover all my uglies. I got in my black and red pair this past Saturday, and I’m considering hitting the deal up again ….lol.

After my run I dug into my actual lunch. Some choco-milk, watermelon, tuna and cottage cheese. YUM!

Also, this weekend Brian and I took pictures for our save the date cards. I have the best two here for you all to help us out! I am a fan of number one 🙂

It’s crazy to me that we have TWO pictures of us that are decent!!! Wha..

Brian’s sister took them and I think they all look awesome! 🙂

And that’s it from me for now!


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  1. Great time on your 3 miles! I have my very first 5k this Saturday and am hoping that I can stay consistent with 12 minutes a mile 🙂

    • Thank you! I normally never run this fast except in races so it was crazy. Good luck on your 5K! I’m sure you’ll do great and get even more hooked 🙂

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