Running for Bacon

Miles today; 3

Miles this week; 11


Today was pretty good at work. I ended up helping my old department….so no QA for this chick today. Had a few meetings to go to which was fun. It also rained.


A lot.

But it was okay ..I got to nap in the car with the rain, which provides the best naps! Then I ate a delicious BLT from Arbys.


I forgot to take the bag out of my car and now it smells like bacon.

Other than that, work was work.

I rushed off to the gym for my short run. I ate my chomps in the car, which were all squished from the hot weather.

The miles were pretty easy. I ran 3 in about 32 minutes….took a quick wall break after the second mile….I think its becoming a trend. I need to eat my chomps at least a half hour before the gym.

After I was done I wasn’t spent….I probably could have done another mile. I decided to do some crunches, planks and squats. After that….I was done 🙂


This was literally the best picture. I took five. I gave up, clearly.

I came home and proceeded to eat four baked potato skins with cheese and bacon. Refueling to the max.

Hey….don’t ignore your cravings 🙂


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