The worst long run yet.

Miles today; 8 miles

Miles this week; 8 miles


Today sucked.


I am embarresed of how much I walked today. I must have walked at least a mile. Ugh. Oh well. No sense dwelling on it. Just gotta get back out there and tear up the next miles.


I had a Gu at the fourth mile… didn’t really help. I felt sluggish and sore the whole run. I only got the miles done because I had to beat into my mind “if you can walk you can run, stupid”. Yeahhhh.


I did enjoy running at a new park though. This will work out well for longer runs. I did underestimate the amount of hills, however…I think that is where I went wrong. I also didn’t fuel right before hand (just a whole wheat bagel) and my head wasn’t really in it.

Oh well! I’ll be back. 🙂 one bad run won’t steer me away.



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