Halfway to the Half!

Miles Today; 7

Miles this week; 10


Today I felt like a real runner. Not because I ran 7 miles. Not because I ran in the rain. But because every runner I passed gave me a wave, or smile, or a “you go!”. I returned the favor too. It felt great….it kept me going and I really felt like a runner! Crazy, no?


I actually started my run with a jacket on, but ran back to my car after 2 miles to take it off. I decided on a double out and back to get the miles done. I ran a mile out on one trail and a mile back to my car. Then 2.5 miles on another and then back. It worked out nicely.

It was after I hit 4.5 miles and my last turn around, I started to hit a wall of sorts. I was cramping up and cranky and the rain was starting to pour. I kept on chugging, making myself run a bit and walk a bit. After I hit 5 miles though I seemed to be alright. I ran the rest in and stretched back by my car.


I am getting pretty good at figuring out how long ill be running. I thought I’d take 1;24 minutes. So I was pretty close to that 🙂

I felt great almost the entire time and the big reason was my pacing. I never went faster than an 11:15 mile.


So even though it was gross and rainy, I still had a great time. It’s definetly giving me a better attitude when the weather isn’t what I need it to be.

And I’m going to ice and just lounge out. Have a great day!


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