Remembering Why I Run

Miles Today; 3

Miles This Week; 3


Today I was reminded of why I run. I had to really dig deep for those three miles.I decided on an after work run at the park by my work.

My legs were pretty heavy and sore still from Sunday (I learned my lesson, NO baths after ANY work out, EVER AGAIN!) so I wore my compression shorts under my work pants. I decided to run in them instead of changing into my tempos, and they definetly added to my run I feel. My legs still felt sore, don’t get me wrong they aren’t complete magic, but it felt good being ‘held in’.

The first mile I was FLYING! I didn’t check my garmin until about 2.5 miles and at the mile splits before, so honestly alot of this is off feel. I was actually feeling pretty good, and then the sun started beating down HARD. The people working the baseball fields decided right now was a good time to kick up tons of dust. So I had to rework my route and ended up running the rest of my time in laps instead of around the whole park.

When I looked down at the 2.5, man was it hard for me to kick it in. That’s when I really dug deep and decided to “run for a reason”. My reason I’ll explain a bit later. I stopped for a VERY brief water stop and ran as fast as my little legs would carry to the end.

My FIRST 3 miles UNDER 30 minutes! WOOT! I was very pleased.

The reason I ran and kicked it in, was because of this article I read this morning. A drum and bugle corps folded mid-season, and my heart goes out to all of those kids whose summers were cut short; who didn’t get to experience all DCI has to offer; and who have to ride a bus home instead of to another show. It’s awful, and  I can’t even begin to imagine how those kids feel. I ran for those kids who could never march with Teal Sound again and who so desperately wanted to. Awful.

I realize that I run because a few years ago, I wasn’t able. I was plagued with stress fractures and sore ankles and a feeling of doubt. I was always known as the “injury prone girl” in marching band and drum corps. Heck, I marched a drum corps AND a season of marching band with a stress fracture. I’ve since learned from those dumb mistakes, but I run because I COULDN’T before …and because I CAN now.

After my run I rewarded myself the only way I know how;

Aw yeah, AC on almost full blast. I never use the AC in my car unless after a nice, hot run.

I drove home, and because I’m insane, I decided to do laundry so that I’ll have my pivot shorts dry for tomorrow. I love those things …. 🙂

I’ll leave you with Jordan, the ladies man.

Oh yeah buddy.


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