Magic Pants and Attractive Stretching

Workout; 30 minutes elliptical

Lots of strength on the abs, legs and calves.


Because I am all that is woman, last night I broke out the stick and gave my thighs and calves a nice beat down.


Regardless if I looked like a fool, it did the trick because this morning I felt NO soreness from my long run. The socks and new shorts helped alot, which I think I am a firm believer in these Aspaeris shorts for recovery. They are very different than any compression shorts I’ve used before (they are specifically built for women, so that probably has something to do with it). I didn’t ice at all but I still woke up with happy legs! I haven’t ran in them yet but I need to soon! I need to invest in more pairs. I can justify it, it’s injury prevention! Hehe.

This morning I woke up at 8 am to go the gym. Wait, I lied. I loafed and only went at 9:30. I did a bit of time on the elliptical and A LOT of core work. Planks, crunches, ab machine …you name it. I felt pretty spent after wards and decided to reward a craving I’ve had ALL WEEK.

SUSHI! And a big ol’ bowl of white rice. YUM!

I also hit up Target for some “necessities”.

I LOVE these lunch to go pouches and I always am eating salsa and chips with my lunches. Everything was on sale so of course that made the decision easier.

I also picked up these VitaTops english muffin sandwiches. I’ve had these before and they are “OK” (I usually put a ton of hot sauce on them), but I got these mainly for the days I want to run in the morning and am short on time for breakfast.

And last,

A smores toy for the dog. Target has the CUTEST dog toys and I couldn’t resist. (Sorry for my abnormally large foot in the photo).

I’m planning to run in the morning tomorrow since the high then should be 60. You all need to hold me to that! If I post about an evening run or something tomorrow, you need to make a TON of fun of me for not holding up to this deal. I mean, I only have to wake up 15 minutes early to do it.

-Til next run~



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