Double Digit Week!

Miles Today; 6

Miles This Week; 13


First off, welcome to all my new followers! I hope you are enjoying my blabber.

So this morning I woke up at 7 am to set out for my 6 mile run. I thought 7 am would be OK for some cooler temps, but it was still 72 degrees! This heat wave needs to GTFO. Still, I got ready and ate a bagel with peanut butter and two chomps. I brought two more chomps that I didn’t end up eating, just in case I needed some more juice (I’ve never ran over an hour before so I wanted to be prepared) I loaded up my water bottle with some gatorade and was out the door.

I warmed up with a half mile walk and began on my run. There were a lot of runners out on the trail this morning, and luckily there was a LOT of shade to take cover in from the sun. The first 3 miles was actually pretty easy. The farthest I’ve ran on this trail is 4 miles, where I go two miles out and two back. I got to explore another mile of the trail which was actually really pretty!

I wish I brought my camera with me, but the 3rd mile went down by a marina dock. Pretty sweet. When I did the turn around at mile three that’s when it sucked.

I stepped in dog shit. I was SO pissed. I stopped my garmin to try and wipe as much off as I could, but a lot of it was trapped in the treads. It stunk, but I got over it. That mile really did suck though, I’m not sure if it was mentally from the turn around of I was just ‘over it’. I took an extended walk break to drink a lot of my gatorade and gear up for the finish.

When I hit the Casino (the 4 mile mark) I started to pick back up again. I got a wash of “Wow, am I really going to run 6 miles today?” feelings and “Why the HELL did I think a half marathon was a good idea?!?!” Regardless, I kept running.

I saw lots of runners go by and a lot of people were giving each other thumbs up and high fives! It was awesome. I even saw a guy with some lime green compression socks and yelled “SWEET SOCKS!”. He seemed to enjoy that.

I had to stretch my left quad A LOT on the last two miles though. I finally got into a good cadence behind another runner and just followed her lead until I hit 6 miles. I felt pretty good once I finished. Sore, but I felt like I still had another mile in me (which I hear is how you SHOULD feel). I walked the half mile back to my car and stretched.

I would have liked my splits to be more around 11:30 for each but I mean, beggers can’t be choosers?

I finished in about the time I thought I would, I gave myself 1:10 to finish 6 miles 🙂 Remember, I’m no speed demon here …I’m just looking to finish and not feel like death at the end!

Trying my hardest to pretend I’m NOT self timing a photo with my camera on the windshield of my car 🙂

If there are two things I learned from this run though, it’s these.

1) I NEED to do core work. I am good for the first couple miles but by the end I was hunched over so bad my back started to hurt like hell!

2) Remember to take the ties out of your pants. Something was rubbing the inside of my legs and I could not figure it out. Yeah, it was the ties on my pants ….lol.

I was very happy to hop in my car and into some AC. It was about 80 degrees when I finished! Jesus….

Drove home and took the LONGEST shower ever (It was actually a pretty cold shower, I could not stomach any hot water today) and then hopped into my compression socks and my shorts. I feel like I’m going to be pretty lazy today. It’s all good, I just ran 6 miles. I can be.

My mom sent this picture of when Jordan was watching me leave this morning for my run …too cute!

Last, Brian and I think we have decided on a photographer for our wedding! He’s amazing, AND he gives a 900 discount on packages for winter weddings! HELL YEAH. I have to call him today and schedule a meet up. We talked yesterday for a while and he seems like the one! 🙂

Edit; This dude called me back AN HOUR after I called him while he was at a wedding …just to tell me he’d call me tomorrow to set up a time. Yeah, um …this guy already rules.

~Til next run!



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