Happy Fourth and Rewarding Yourself

No Miles/Workout today (unless I’m really ambitious tonight)


Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope you all have a great day in whatever you do!

Last night I went to the bar with some friends on a whim. I didn’t drink too much, but when Brian sent me the text to get ready I quickly looked in the mirror and this is what was staring back at me.

(Note the Jordan in deep sleep behind me during the photoshoot).

NO ONE would be my friend looking a fool like this. So I raided my closet, and since I was insanely lazy and channelling a five-year old this is the outfit I came up with;

So I decided to wear a Pokemon shirt to the bar. Classy.

It was nice to just chill and hang out with two of our friends. Normally we go out with our entire group of 10+ friends so it was nice to have some one on one action. We talked alot about Brian and I’s wedding/apartment coming up and I got the guts to tell them about signing up for the half marathon. They were really happy for me and even encouraged something I’ve been thinking of myself; getting myself a reward when I finish to keep me going.

For my first 5K I did this, sort of. I bought a new Coach purse when I finished which was kind of a combo Birthday/5K/Brian’s-new-job/we-can-move out gift. The first idea that came to my mind was ANOTHER purse;

It’s a Rebeccah Minkoff Mini MAC. It’s 195 bucks, and clearly I’m crazy for wanting another expensive purse. But I do like the idea of getting myself a reward for finishing my “firsts” of each distance. I do not plan to do this for EVERY race ….but I do still sometimes look at my Coach and think “Yeah, I earned this from my 5K”. So we’ll see. I’ll probably save up the money in the event I end up doing it.

And I’m out! Going to a baseball game today with some co-workers. I’ll probably share some of that fun when I get back.




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