RUNch round two.

Miles Today; 3

Miles This Week; 3

Tunes of the Run: Captain Jack – Dream a Dream


Because I was determined to not let the RUNch get me down, I set out to do it again today.My secret to keeping to it? Wearing my sports bra and UA tank under my work clothes.

Notice how all my photos tend to be in bathrooms? 🙂 Also, yes I wear glasses. I don’t wear them when I run because A) They bounce and slip and slide B) They fog to high heaven and I never run on roads so I don’t have to look out for cars.

Unfortunately for me, it was 92 degrees out. I went into it pretty pumped ….but my effort slowly waned.

So not realizing what I was about to do….

I needed to get in three miles today, and figured that’d be pretty easy. NOPE. The first mile was AWESOME! I ran it in 9:34 and was thrilled with how fast I was going. And then I hit a wall. I was so hot and so overheated I started to get cold sweats ….so I stopped at a water fountain and stood in the shade for a few moments and picked up again.

I ran another mile and by this point I was almost lightheaded so I stopped for another drink at the water fountain. At this point, I decided to just run from water fountain to water fountain (which is about .30 miles). At each one I stopped and gulped down more water and took a quick walk break. I could just NOT power through the last mile, I felt like I might have thrown up!

Even though I felt like I took a TON of walk breaks and water breaks, I still finished in 35:06.

I think I stood in the bathroom like that for at least 5 minutes underneath the AC vents ….

As I took another quick lap around to “cool down” (i.e. burn in the sun) I figured out what probably did it for me. I ate a LOT of dairy this morning (some mcdonalds wraps, coffee and cream and a panera souffle) and I figured that’s what made me feel like I was gonna upchuck. Noted.

I wore my new Gel Equation 5’s which felt good aside from the right back heel was rubbing a bit. I’m sure that will get worked out with a few more runs.

I think I also got sunburned too …boo. BUT, all that matters is I did it …even if it did kinda suck. And I was absolutely sopping with sweat ….I was wet everywhere (TMI? sahrry). It was so gross and took about four of those wipes to clean up.

I ran to the grocery store to grab some chocolate milk. I decided I’d try that whole thing with refueling ….I did not want to stomach it but I got it all down and it actually kept me full until I got home at 4. I also tried my GU brew which was good. I kind of need to get used to the fizziness of it though.

And now I’m home and out of the (much needed) shower. I feel amazing 🙂 I hopped right on into these guys;

These bright orange compression socks from*. 🙂 My legs are happy. I just checked out their site today and saw all of their colors are back in stock. I was tempted ….but I resisted. I already have four pairs and really, how many pairs does one girl need? (read; all.)

And now I’m gearing up for a night of relaxing and reading my kindle.

*The Marathon Orange socks were sent from procompression for consideration. I have spent my own money on these socks before though, and would completely 100% recommend!

-Until next run!

~ Robyn


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