5 Miles!

Miles Today; 5

Miles This Week; 8.5


I am proud to say  I woke up this morning at 8 am, got out of bed and put on my running clothes, and was at the park by 8:30 to get in my 5 mile run! I scarfed down a GU Gel and a few chomps as opposed to breakfast.

I wasn’t sure if it would be a treadmill day or outside run (it’s been wicked hot here, in the 90s by mid-morning!) but when I checked the weather and it said 66 degrees, I flew out the door. It also looked like it might rain, so I decided the park by my work would be best so I could run to my car in the chase of a downpour, among other things.

Beautiful bathrooms! They proved useful at the end of this run, and I was great ful for an actual restroom as opposed to a porta – potty.

I started my run pretty quickly. I wanted to run at about an 11:15 pace, but for whatever reason the first two miles I could NOT slow down and was running about 10:14. The first two miles felt pretty good though so I just went with it. At 2.5 miles my stomach started rumbling so I went to my car to grab another chomp to get me through.  Around the 3rd mile I started to get a bit crampy, from running and from that girl thing, so I finally slowed down my pace to about 11:00 per mile. I felt more like I was speed walking than running, but any time I tried to pick up the pace my stomach roared back at me. I stopped a few times for quick water breaks at fountains, but for the most part the entire run was done, well, running! I had a minute walk break at the four mile mark and was full speed ahead from there.

The last half mile was excruciatingly hard. My stomach hurt SO BAD and my cramps were unbearable. I thought until I was finished with the run that it was my “girl thing”, noooo ….I needed to do the deed. I pushed through and finished my 5 miles one minute faster than I had anticipated! I thought it would take about 55:00 minutes to finish my run today but I was surprised. I SPRINTED to the bathrooms.

After that detour I went to my car to grab my phone and water bottle and took a half mile lap to cool down.

I really enjoy this park! I wish it was a bit bigger so I didn’t have to run 10 laps around it ….it did get a bit boring towards the end.

My hair was completely out of control by the end of the run though. I normally wash it and put it up in a wet bun, but today I decided this would be okay. Holy cow, when I got home it was a rats nest. Thank goodness for washing your hair ….this was so gross!

After I was all done warming down I headed to the grocery store to grab a protein shake. We have no milk at home and I tried a shake with water (EW SO GROSS … so bad I could not even chug it) so I decided to just get a pre-packed shake. I decided on these ones;


It was decent. I don’t normally care if a shake tastes bad because I don’t “sip” them, I just chug them to get it over with. I was done with it in about five seconds and drove home.

So that was my run! I am thrilled I can still run some higher mileage, this is definetly good news for my training plan. I am on week four of the half-marathon plan (I re-started from the week before my vacation) and from now on the long runs only go up, so here’s hoping I can hold on for the ride!

Now it’s time to jump in some compression, ice and eat everything in the fridge.

~Til next run!



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