On the Cross Train Train!


30 Minutes Elliptical

15 Minutes Stationary Bike

Planks and calf raises and other fun junk.

Miles this week; 3.5 miles


Today I finally did a straight cross train day. I did a bit of elliptical and biking while reading on my kindle. I was kind of craving a lot more sweat than I was getting, but tomorrow will satisfy that 🙂

I wore my Reebok free shoes today and they felt pretty good. I don’t really like the nub on the top that is blue, that isn’t flexible and it feels weird. Other than that, they worked out pretty well!

Then I got home and look what arrive!

My under armour shirts!!! Yayyyy 🙂 They are very warm so these will be sweet come fall.

Sorry for such a short post but I’ve got dinner cooking and heading out the door soon for drinks!

-Til next run!


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