I RUNched.

Miles Today;  1.05

Miles This Week; 3.55


So, today. I had this crazy idea. I was planning on a one mile run since my toes have been out of whack, just to test it out. I thought, “Man, one mile is not a lot to drive ALL the way to the gym for”. So instead of going straight to lunch I decided to take a quick run around the park near my work.

I PROBABLY should have checked the weather before hand.

I was a sweaty mess from only 1 mile! It was 92 degrees. Yeah, no one ever said I was smart. BUT. I did run pretty slow, for both the weather and my foot. I’m happy to report that my foot didn’t hurt at all!!!! I did want to play it safe though. I could barely feel the pain in my toes, and I’m chalking up the pain I’ve had lately to wearing my work flats with no arch support (I think I come up with a new excuse each day, as long as it’s not an injury!! ^_^)

So yeah, nothing to write home about but I am STOKED that my toes did not hurt. I was beyond worried ….I am going to resume my half marathon training 🙂

I tried these Playtex SPORT wipes afterwards ….they didn’t work crazy amazing and I needed two. I still felt sticky and gross …but it did kinda take away most of the excessive sweat. I’ll pass next time and just buy wet ones, lol.

Once I was done with my quick run it was time for actual eating during my lunch …

Gatorade, tuna and …no I did not eat the deoderant. One thing I forgot today was my stick …I was NOT about to go back to work smelling like I did.

I went back to work and I actually did feel more productive and was a lot more positive towards the end. Though, I’ll admit …I might not be doing this again anytime soon …I felt incredibly rushed the whole time and I only ran one mile! Hah…

I got the newest issue of RW in the mail today and seriously, the Half is screaming at me. So …I took the hint.

I registered. I plonked down my 35 bucks …and I can’t turn back (well, I CAN divert to the 5K….) Ok, ok…joking aside …It’s out there. I have another race to run …so hopefully I can start getting down to business.

Lastly, I got my nike top! I dig it ….now it just needs to get below 50 degrees so I’ll wear the darn thing …

-Til next (hopefully longer) run!



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  1. Good for you, everybody starts at 1

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