Oh, those darned toes.

Miles Today; None

Miles This Week; 2.5


Let’s just say my toes have been having a few, technical difficulties, if you will.

It all started after our IKEA trek. I wore some sandals with the band over the top of my toes and after we were done my feet just didn’t feel “right”. I play it off as rubbing of the plastic and figured it was a blister. Then, fast forward to Tuesday (today, durr) and they STILL hurt. Not insanely painful, not when I curl up or curl down, they just hurt all the time. A dull, but constant pain. If I push on the base of the toes it hurts alot, especially towards the outside of my foot. Then, I did this;

Dropped a cable box on my right foot, oddly enough the foot that hurt. So that obviously did not help in any way. You think I would learn from this mistake and put shoes on? No. I tried, didn’t fit right so I took them off. Repeatedly stubbed my toes and ran them over my computer chair (we are moving a lot of stuff back into our rooms, we just got new carpet installed). So there’s my life. If they are still hurting by Friday I may need to go get it looked at, but for now I’m in denial 🙂 I’m probably going to go slap some compression socks on to see if that helps calm the swelling, and ice it down good too.

Speaking of compression, I am SO stoked about the newest color of Pro Compression socks.

BRIGHT ORANGE! Yes, please. Knowing my penchant for bright colors (hello, lime green socks?) I am all over these. In fact, I was drooling when I read about the new color on their twitter! And better yet, they are running a deal where you can get this pair (only the orange) for only $30 with free shipping! This is a great deal, as the socks normally run for 50 bucks a pop. That’s saving 40%! You just need to use the coupon code SOM610 before  July 10, 2012 when the deal expires, and quantities are limited. You can order these bad boys here.

I love these babies. I swear by them after every run, no matter how hard or (soft?) I ran that day. I regretted not taking these to Cedar Point, I really think they would have helped out my aching arches and toes.  I got a pretty stinkin’ good deal on these the last time around (I got all three of my pairs for $25 each) and they were worth every penny. Their customer service is amazing, check out this earlier post about how they helped me obtain my lusted-after lime green socks!

Seriously, who can say no to that color? It makes me want to go snap up an orange now and much on it ….

I should do that, but I have pizza knocking at the door.

-Until next run!



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