I’ve been a bad bad girl.

Here I am, buying more running clothes again. This time, stuff I can’t even wear until the fall.

But it’s all SO CHEAP!

I had a store credit at RRS that was eating at me, and I didn’t want to spend that on gels or chomps (that’s no fun!), so I opted for this;

The Women’s Nike Soft Hand Half Zip Top

My credit was for 38.00 so I got this bad boy for 4 bucks!!! I love these kind of tops anyways so I can totally see myself wearing this on non-runs too.

And then UA is having a crazy good sale too …thanks alot! I bought two long thermal crews. I have like, zero long sleeve tops so I figured two would suffice.

They were both 30 bucks a piece (normally 50!) So I had to bite. I was SOLD on the thumb holes. I wear my hoodie sleeves at work like this (sans holes) and love to have my sleeves cover my hands. They are the Women’sUA Base™ 2.0LongsleeveCrew

64 bucks for two new thermal shirts and a half zip up? Yeah, I’m a happy Robyn tonight.

Now is it fall yet so I can wear this stuff? 🙂


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