Back From Cedar Point!

So I am back from Cedar Point! I had a great time, but I’ll leave you with this list of things I learned. But first;

BRIAN AND I GOT THE APARTMENT!!! We got the call monday from the landlord, and we go to sign the lease this Saturday!!! 🙂

1. I am 24. This in no way makes me 16 years old, who can run around an entire amusement park for 14 hours straight. Breaks were our friend.


3. To coincide with number 2, bring your compression socks. I had them packed, but took them out last minute.

4. 4 Dollar gatorade, while EXPENSIVE, is amazing when you are walking in 90+ heat.

5. I will be purchasing breakfast foods for the hotel room next time (35 BUCKS FOR EGGS AND BACON!?!?!)

I really did have a great time, but my legs are KILLING ME! My toes, the balls of my feet and my shins HURT! I did not put any insoles in my walking shoes and boy did I EVER regret it. The outsides of my shins are screaming and my toes, literally, MY TOES are sore. Oh well, slipping on my compression socks for the rest of the night. Here is my vaca in pics 🙂

Our first ride and my personal fave, Millenium Force!

My 11 dollar Subway meal (with the 4 dollar gatorade).

There was a girl throwing bread at this seagull for a half hour, it was awesome.

My feet during one of our many breaks in the hotel. My feet were literally swollen the entire trip.

The biggest and strongest margarita I’ve EVER had.

And the mailbox I’d love to own.

When I came home I had some presents waiting for me 🙂

I ordered new insoles and running shoes!!!! I found my Gel Equation 5’s on a STEAL at for 45 bucks, and I also decided to take the plunge on some Gel Cumulus 13’s. I am super excited to try them out! I also got two pairs of Sof Sole insoles. 🙂

And that’s it from me, time to enjoy the last few hours I have of freedom!!!


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  1. Isn’t it the best to find discounts on running gear? I get WAY too excited! haha Amusement parks are SO expensive! I usually pack snacks in my purse to save a few bucks but there are things I “have” to get… like my caramel apple! 🙂

    • Yeah, we were pretty good about snacks in the hotel (we could walk back as much as wanted since the hotel was on the premises) but it was SO hot we had to spend our cold hard cash on that delicious gatorade.

      And YES to the running gear! I kind of wanted to buy more pairs, but I think my mother would commit me to an insane asylum.

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