3 Easy Miles

Miles Today; 3

Miles This Week; 3


Because I have problems with missing my runs, I decided to do my usual Monday 3 miler today before we left for Cedar Point.

Yeah …I clearly do not like to miss runs.

I should try to learn to ….be OK with not going on one if I’m not 100%. I wasn’t in pain, perse …just …I ran the farthest I’ve ever ran yesterday, maybe my legs need a break?


Besides, I wanted to give running with my compression socks a shot, so what better time than when I’m sore and achy? LOL.

I was initially going to just go to the gym and do my miles, but at the last minute I grabbed my garmin and headed to the north shore. Well, I guess I need to remember to CHARGE my garmin because it was completely dead (BOO!). I had to rely on my ipod nano counter, which I know is usually a little off. Anyways, I got out of my car and set off on three. I didn’t even warm up, but decided that at the 1.5 mark I would walk half a mile and then finish out with a mile of running back. This turned out to be pretty good. It wasn’t TOO too hot, but it did get a bit gross by the end of my run.

I once again ran into ANOTHER race at the north shore, again. It looked to be some kind of triathalon, but the race reps were actually riding golf carts around picking up mile markers so I wasn’t in the thick of it.

All in all, I don’t think the socks did much in helping my legs feel fresher during the run, but it did help to have another layer holding me in, so to say. I definetly still rely on these mainly for recovery, but maybe I’ll try these out on longer runs. They didn’t do much for a shorter run.

Jordan also appreciate the socks. Maybe more so because they stink, and he tends to like my stinky feet (WEIRD DOG!)

Anyways, I need to finish packing and get my car out to the shop for inspection! See you all in a few days ๐Ÿ™‚

-Til next run



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  1. I usually push myself to run when Im feeling really ambivalent about it, and it never ends up well. I guess I need to work on that with ya!

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