Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Miles Today; 5 miles

Miles This Week; 11.22


Where’ve I been? Is that even a viable contraction? Haha ….anyways, if you haven’t noticed I tend to not post on my rest days. Since I ran on Sunday and Monday I gave myself a lot of days off/cross-trained until today. But what else have I been up too?

Hmmmm…. TOO MUCH.

Yesterday I went to work super early to go indulge in a Panera bacon and artichoke souffle. OMG I missed these. SO GOOD!

And onto more important news. So, yesterday I got a call from the apartment Brian and I viewed on Wednesday (which I shamefully forgot to mention earlier). Well, they originally were going to give us two weeks to decide …but they asked me if we could decide by the end of the weekend. Weellllll ….. since Brian and I are heading to Cedar Point tomorrow, we needed to decide quickly. I called him up and asked him if we had the go-ahead to apply and we went for it! We really loved the place, but we kinda felt weird about signing on to the first place we viewed. We kind of just took this as a sign. Hopefully, Monday they call back with good news and we’ll get it!

Another crazy thing is Brian and I decided on a wedding date!!!!!! We met with the reception hall today, and signed our date for March 13th, 2013. Craziness ….If you told me a year ago that I would be applying for an apartment AND signing on to a reception hall in THE SAME WEEKEND, I’d call you crazy.

So yeah, that’s my crazy life. 9 months to plan a wedding …oh boy.

Now onto the run …. šŸ™‚

This is my “Holy SHIT what did I just sign up for this weekend!?” face.

So, after I dropped off our apartment application and met with the reception hall, I needed to get in my long run. I scarfed down two wake up wraps from Dunkin and some GU Chomps and was on my way šŸ™‚

The run was great. There was no one at the gym and I turned on “Baggage Wars” and went with it. The first 2.5 miles went by pretty quickly, and then was when my shins started to bug me. Not really splints, but a bit of achiness. Since I was already going a bit TOO fast for my liking, around a 10:10 pace, I decided to walk every mile split for .2’s of a mile. It worked out really well and I didn’t have much pain after adopting that. I ran a total of five miles in 55 minutes …. I was pretty dang proud of myself after that. Also, pretty dang exhausted. I stretched it out pretty good and was on my way home.

And now I am getting ready to pack for Brian and I’s trip to CEDAR POINT! We leave tomorrow at 5pm and we’ll be there til Wednesday morning. I can’t wait! So, I’ll have a bit of an absence but I’m going to try and sneak a run in …if Brian lets me šŸ™‚

-Til next run!



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