The Little Run That Could

Miles Today; 3

Miles This Week; 6.22


Did you ever have one of those days, where all you could think about was your next run? I had one of those days. I kept contemplating when I would fit in my next three miles. Tomorrow is a no-go; I am hanging out with some coworkers right after work. Wednesday is about the same as I am going apartment hunting with Brian! Thursday and Friday seem to be in that same boat ….so not knowing when I could schedule it in, and realizing how OPEN tonight was …

Well….. I think you can guess what I did.

I ran. I ran so hard …and it felt GOOD!

OK, so the whole reason I got up and out the door was my sisters doing. She actually got a student pass to my gym , and wanted to go tonight. I asked if it was cool if I joined, so we drove off. I scarfed down a gel and threw on some running clothes. Thankfully I remembered my water bottle and iPod!

Once I got there I hit the treadmill fast. I didn’t even warm up (which, yeah tsk tsk) because I was so antsy to start. I ran1.5 miles at a quick 10:20 pace and then I hopped off for a quick walk. Then I started it back up for the last 1.5 at the same speed. I felt great the whole time, aside from the last .5 where I think all the water I gulped down on the ride to the gym caught up with me …I was VERY close to a spray effect on the front of the mill …but it was all good. Held it together and brought it in for an awesome run.

Though I have to admit, it was a bit mentally draining ….I have done quite a few runs outside now and coming back onto the treadmill was a lot harder than I remembered it.

I’m glad I went out for the impromptu run. Stupid as it sounds, I feel like my body needed it!

Also, the results from the 5K were posted today. I ended up 5th (out of 9) in my age class of 20-24 and 90th overall out of 154 runner.

The timing on here is the clock time. But still proud of myself …it was definetly a small race, but I came under 100! So woot.

And now I am off to shower.

~Til next run!



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