Shake It Out and Half Mary?

Miles Today; 3.22

Miles This Week; 3.22

Tunes of The Run; Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe


Today I felt good enough for a run but didn’t want to kill myself, so I decided that a run/walk combo would suffice. I set in my mind that I’d run 2 miles and walk the rest, allowing myself to walk for short periods if I needed to. It worked out perfectly. Except for this.

Yep. I once again managed to run this trail WHEN A RACE/WALK was happening. Go me. It all worked out because I just ended up running the opposite direction of the trail which I’ve never done before, and it was super pretty!

The river smelt like straight up shit though, no lie. It smelled like someone just took a great big dump and …ugh. So nasty. I fought with my brain for the first mile to not vomit because of it, but other than that my legs and everything felt fine. I allowed myself to walk from 1 mile to 1.25 and then I ran the rest until I hit 2 miles. Then I turned around and walked the rest of the trail. It was getting hot out (about 85 degrees, ugh) and I was running low on water. I coasted until  I was done at 3.22 miles.

I did have a bit of an issue with my SPIbelt this time around. I’m not sure if I just was wearing it lower or what but it was flapping everywhere. I stopped about two times to tighten it, and the second time I adjusted it to where it sat just above my hips and had no more problems for the duration of the run. My nathan waterbottle also was kind of annoying, mainly because it was super hot and my hand was getting slippery and whining at me. I think it also had a lot to do with the fact I drank all my water in about 1 mile and I was then just carrying it for nothing, essentially.

I stayed true to what I wanted and didn’t push myself anything crazy. Last time I did that after a race I couldn’t run for three days after, lol.

Photo shoot by the poop-smelling river. Always a good time. I look like I royally shit my pants in the 2nd picture, I assure you I was fine 🙂

All in all it was a good run. I sometimes feel really bad about walking when I run, but I’ve got to accept that my body cannot handle this all the time. Besides, I DID just run the fastest I’ve ever done a 5K yesterday. *slaps self* OK …done moping.

I would totally run this trail again, even though it’s essentially the same trail I run all the other times, just another direction. It was pretty (cue scenic Pittsburgh construction) and it wasn’t too congested. The most I had to contend with were swarms of bike riders every once in a while.

And obviously, copious amounts of graffiti.

In other news, I have officially decided to train for a half marathon. I told the Brian, so no turning back (unless I kill myself in the process). Since I am nearly done with the 10K training, and the training plan I was following ramped up mileage by .5 miles each Saturday, I figured the new one I’d follow would work out nicely. My next run this week would be 3 miles (most likely on Wednesday) and then the long run on Saturday of 5 miles. Then 6 the next, 7 and so on until you hit 12 miles. Right now, there is a half mary near me on September 8th, so I’m shooting for that.

Wish me luck on that, shit, I’ll need it!

Last, let me leave you with a gem of Youtube that has been in my head ALL WEEKEND.


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