Take a Step For Your Heroes 5K Recap!

Miles Today; 3.18

Miles This Week; 7.8

Tunes of the Run; Right Now – Van Halen


I did it! I’m not sure HOW but I ran a 5K in 30:41! That’s like …what …about 1:40 quicker than last time. How did this happen? Oh well, won’t argue!

I woke up at 6am and took a quick shower. I was ready and out the door at 6:45 and made it to the race area by 7:15. I actually had a lot of downtime to just walk around and warm up. Picked up my timing chip and took a quick .5 mile warmup walk around the mall.

Look how artsy-fartsy I am? I know, you are so jealous.

Around 7:30 I went back to all the tents. I found a tent where a chiropractor was giving out free massages …and I was like OH HELL YES. He massaged my neck SO GOOD. I have pretty tight muscles in my neck because I tend to whip my head back and forth at work staring at two monitors. I know that’s an insanely lame reason to need a massage, but damn did it feel good. Totally worth the 25 sign up fee! Haha ….it wasn’t a short one either, it was a nice 10 minute massage. Then I went over to the long line of porta potties ….only four potties and I think I waited 10 minutes then headed back to the start.

One of the sponsors was the local EMT/LifeFlight unit so they brought in a helicopter! Cool.

The race didn’t start until 8:05, but I wasn’t really too upset about it. The race wasn’t “too” serious, though I did see a few other runners out there that looked like they meant business. And then at 8:05 we were off.

I started off at a 9:33 pace. I didn’t FEEL like I was running this fast! My little legs are used to a 10:30 pace so this was kind of shocking to me. I only looked down at my pace around half way the first mile and I almost gasped out loud. Seriously …how was I running this fast and it was feeling this good? I just went with it.

The race was two laps around a mall, and the first lap went by SO fast. I couldn’t believe it …I passed the entrance tent and was just amazed. Around 1.5 miles I started to get a bit of a cramp in my stomach so I decided to slow down just a tad to get back on track and that worked out pretty nicely. I turned on some Van Halen and *shudder* Call Me Maybe and that seemed to perk me up and motivate me to get the job done. And then another 1.5 miles and it was all done. Seriously, this run and race was SO easy. Almost too easy ….but it was fun!

My favorite part about the race was there was this one guy who stayed in the same spot for both laps and just high fived everyone who went by. TOTALLY awesome motivator.

So I finished in 30:41!!! And my splits weren’t all over the place! Jesus christ. . I grabbed a banana, bottle of water and went home.

Number 2 down!


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  1. That’s awesome!! Congrats on such even splits!

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