I’m Offically Crazy

Miles today; 4.62/48:21/10:29 avg pace

Miles this week; 4.62


So remember that one time I had a plan a,b and c for my long run this week? Yeah. I did that long run today.

Yeah, add the .5 to that and you get 4.5! So clever.

The weather has been way too nice NOT to take advantage of so I decided to go for it. I was pretty sore this morning so I wore my compression shorts and workout under armour tank under my work clothes so that I had no excuse not to run. It worked and I ended up running more than I probs should.

This is my protein shake face.

I started with a nice half mile warmup lap. I wanted to get to know the walking trail bit so this was nice. The first two miles went by like nothing. Then, after that more and more runners came onto the trail. It wasn’t congested but it was not the most comfortable running experience. They did keep me motivated and I only stopped for a few quick water stops. I am soooo certainly stupid for doing this long run after a strength day …but it was worth it in the end.

I enjoyed the track. There were baseball games going on to watch and it was kind of oddly motivating to be running so close to where I work. If I get up the energy, maybe some morning I’ll drive out early to run…ahahah…we’ll see.

My farthest distance and longest amount of time running 🙂 no one ever said I was fast, here.

Other than that my work day was awful….the highlight was my lunch spent reading this;

And eating this;

Both were well worth the wait. In fact, It was probably a very good thing I had a run today….or this day would have ate me alive. But hey, I finally broke my streak of bad days = bad runs. Woo!

Lastly, I caved and bought this;

100 bucks on eBay. Brand new (apparently, the guy who sold it to me bought it for his fiancee and she NEVER used it but he lost the receipt. Your loss is my gain!). It actually was on a buy it now for 150 but I took a chance and offered him 100. It was about 5 hours left in the “buy it now/offer” period so I won! Wooo …I am very excited to give this a go and use it for my runs. I am gonna talk Brian into using it too …maybe it will get him back on the running bandwagon?

And I’m off to continue icing my poor leggies.



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  1. Totally solid long run! We’re pace twins 🙂

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