P90x and Iced Coffee!

Workout; P90x Legs and Back DVD

.75 mile walk with the dog …


Today I decided to work out my legs at home instead of going to the gym. I’m going to a cookout later on today at Brian’s, and his house is on the way to the gym …so going all the way to the gym, and then back to shower, and then back out to this party seemed like a huge waste of time and gas. πŸ™‚ Like my logic?

This workout is pretty much the only one I can stand from the P90x DVDs aside from Ab Ripper X. They are my sisters DVDs and she’ll do all of them, but I seriously A) Can’t stand Tony Horton and B) They are too hard for me …lol.

And I have another confession, when I do this DVD, I skip through all the arm workouts. I don’t have the equipment to do them … but they are really only in there to keep you from overworking your legs. I just use those as water breaks. But this time around on the DVD was ….dare I say …easy? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was still sweaty and sore (and still am) afterwards, but I could get through it and really push myself. The last time I tried this DVD though I WAS very out of shape and had not even started going to the gym. I’ll have to start doing this more often, maybe once a week in conjunction with my Jillian Micheals Buns and Thighs DVD.

After that I took Jordan for a quick walk. My legs were pretty weak and sad so I didn’t make it far. That was OK, he was only interested in swimming anyways.

Friday at work I decided to give the new VIA Iced Coffee Caramel flavor from Starbucks a try. They were doing a promotion where you buy a box of the VIA and you got a free tall drink of your choice. I used to LIVE off the VIA regular iced coffee when I worked with the Cadets (really, it was a life saver) so I wanted to try this stuff out. I’m happy to report, it’s yummy! Convenient too …I will stash the rest of these packs at work in a pinch. Mmmmmm..

I also have a bit of a pickle. This Saturday is my next 5k, and my next long run is set for 4.5 miles. Should I;

A) Run the 5K and then run 1.4 miles at the gym after?

B) Run the 4.5 on Wednesday and run the 3.1 (which is the mileage for Wednesday) on Saturday?

C) Not worry about it and just go Mon-4 mi Wed 3.1 mi Sat 3.1 and deal?

I really can’t decide. I don’t want to kill myself ….but I’m leaning towards option B. If the weather is nice after work that day I plan on doing the run then.

What do you think? Am I thinking too hard about this? Haha….


I am considering a GPS watch. I know I said in a previous blog I had no need for one, but I’ve recently discovered the wonderful discount world of eBay. I LOVE my runkeeper app on my phone, but it’s pretty cumbersome and not accurate. By not accurate I mean that I keep it in my SPIbelt, and I have to start, stop and pause it by first putting it in and taking it out, adding some seconds to my time. The second thing is I can’t keep track of time while I’m running, I basically get the summary when I’m done. I use my iPod nano to track mileage as I run but the nano and runkeeper don’t ever match up. My nano will say I’ve hit 4 miles and my runkeeper says I’ve got a few more laps to go. I’ve found a few Forerunners on eBay for under 100 or less, so I’m keeping an eye out. I don’t need anything crazy fancy …so we’ll see. I’m trying to sell some more stuff on eBay to compensate if I end up buying anything πŸ™‚

And that’s it from me! Off to shower and dry my hair.



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