Back at it and a rave review.

Miles Today; 4.02/Outside/42:02 minutes/10:35 pace

Miles This Week; 7.5

Tunes of The Run; Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye


Glad to be back at running today! I have a 5K to run next week so I’m gearing up for that. I REALLY wanted to run last night, but it was raining all day and I had my heart set on an outside run. This morning I woke up at 9am and it was still only 60 degrees! I took this as a sign to hit my favorite river front trail.

I set out to do 4 miles today …it was pretty windy for the first 2 miles but after I did my turn around it was all easy 🙂 I stopped to take a picture of this cool little water viewing area and refill my water bottle.

Which by the way, this Nathan bottle totally gets an A+. It felt weightless in my hand and I barely had to grip it to keep it from flopping around. The best part was it actually encouraged me to keep hydrated. Normally I will just run outside without water, but I feel like this actually made the run a lot more bearable! I threw my car keys and house key in the pocket even though I had my SPIbelt. I felt like they were more secure in that pocket. This will be a keeper once I start running over an hour and need to keep gels in there. (Seeing as I’m a slowpoke, this might be when I up to 5.5 miles)

The only problem I have with this trail is that I ran 2 miles out from where I parked and then when I came back my GPS told me that I still had around .3 miles to run to get to 4 miles. I am not sure if I lost connectivity (the trail does go under QUITE a few bridges, after all this is Pittsburgh) or if I’m just stupid …lol. But it was actually kind of nice to end my run by a small overlook.

Oh hey, just taking a picture by the sewage drains ….don’t mind me.

I have to admit my favorite part of this run were ALL of the puppies and people running! There were so many dogs out and it was just adorable. I also saw a lot of other runners out and it was just neat to run past some people and just smile in encouragement. I didn’t want to stop and be “embarrassed”. I need to run outside more …I keep telling myself this.

I got back to my car and sped home. I had been waiting to break into these babies since I got them yesterday. 🙂


This whole story needs a rave review. So, if you stalk their website like I do, you may know that they only have inventory listed for L/XL in the Lime green. I was upset, because this color green is my favorite color ever! I decided to quit waiting around and ask them if they possibly had any left.

They were amazingly prompt with a response on their facebook page, I was thrilled! I sent them an email right away and within minutes I was told they would look into their inventory the next day. After that I got an email from Eric saying they had ONE pair left!!!!! We basically worked it out so I would order a pair of the L/XL and he would change the order immediately to a S/M. I paid on 5/30 and they were shipped the next day. I received them on 6/1!!!!! Absolutely amazing. I love this company and their product cannot be beat! I’ve never been one to suffer from shin splints, but these supposedly keep those at bay as well as keeping your calves and ankles fresh. I love them, and would recommend them to anyone! I actually used the code GB50 to get them 50% off and free shipping! Love em.

And that’s it from me today. Gotta do major cleaning up around my room!

~Til next run!

– Robyn


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  1. Just wondering if you think those compression socks are worth the $? I get pains in my shins sometimes, just wondering if they help! Thanks.

    • I use them mainly for recovery because I get tight calves the next day after runs. I don’t get shin splints so I’m not sure how they would help prevent them, but I did get them in the past (like 5 years ago). I assume they would do the same thing as wrapping medical tape on your shins (I did this in drum corps and it worked wonders) for prevention of splints. Probably less messy and less painful to remove too 😉

      Though I’d recommend shopping around for discount codes because as much as I like them, I was NOT about to pay 50 bucks a pair. My advice is to give them a try. I bought one pair with that code (GB50 for 50%) I had and used them for a week and fell in love.

      • I guess I should also say I don’t think they are a necessity, but anything that makes me not sore or prevents injury is worth the money in my book. Since I have plans to increase my mileage from the 3’s to eventually double digits I knew these would help alot along that road.

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