No Miles …and OK with that.

No Workout today ….


Yeah, so I knew I was supposed to run today. I even got to the gym to meet Brian. But as soon as I began running I knew something had gone south.

My stomach was sloshing and felt as if something was curdled ….and it didn’t help that I had SOMEHOW acquired chafage of the not-fun area. It did not help that I was wearing my compression shorts. So …I ran …about a half mile and had to walk. At this point I thought maybe, just maybe I could run the rest of the 3 I needed to do ….so I ran a bit more until it was about a mile …and I called it quits. It didn’t help that Brian was not feeling it either, so he also quit and we left the gym.

I was not hard on myself. I just let myself have a bad day, and let myself quit. I understand I can’t do this every day ….but today was just not good. Besides, it has been a while since I’ve spent quality time with Brian and my life can’t ALWAYS be focused on running.

So instead of a date with the treadmill, we had a date with the mall. Brian wanted to get some shave cream from The Art of Shaving so we stopped in there. Let me tell you, that man tried to sell him every product under the sun ….but luckily we walked out only with shave gel in hand 🙂

Then we went up to Chick-Fil-A. I had some nuggets and a fruit salad …it was good but not nearly enough food.

The past couple days at work ….well, two ….have been kind of hard. Things are changing in the department I QA so lots of meetings …lots of fun. I experience something weird during a meeting today where I completely spaced out. I think it’s the new allergy pills I’ve been taking …I don’t feel completely “with it” in the world. I used to take Zyrtec, but those are pretty expensive so I opted for some Alavert. I’m going to go sans-allergy pills tomorrow and see how I feel.

And that’s all she wrote. Sorry, no pics today ….I am a bad blogger 🙂

~Til next (hopefully a ) run!



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