First Day Back and PUPPY EXPLOSION

No Workout today; Rest!!!!


Ugh, is there anything worse than going back to work after a three day weekend? Well, maybe realizing we were out of Rigatoni …

Seriously though, It was bad. I guess the good part is that the first day back is out of the way and I only have three more days of work until the weekend 🙂

So, other than whining about being at work all day, I did get some stuff done on my lunch hour. I mailed out 9 packages from eBay and I still have five more I need to send out once they pay. Once I got home I had the “daunting” task of taking Jordan up to the pool. It’s become almost a tradition now. We JUST escaped the rain which is pretty nice. Here’s a few (er, a lot) of pics showing you a swim in the life of Jordan.

The wind storm blew the table down!


So faaaaaaaaaar.


I got it!

Wait, why would you throw it back??

Well, I’m not getting it AGAIN.

Still too far.

And I’m done.

It literally was 20 minutes of this. He went in once …but maybe it’s a good thing? It was the most thrilling part of my day, sadly.

Tomorrow Brian and I have decided on a gym date after work. It’s been a while since he has been and I need to get my second “short” 3.5 miler in! Excited 🙂

~Til next run!



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