Moar shoes.

Because I am incapable of walking away from a good deal, I just ordered these bad boys;

The RealFlex Run Suede shoe. I had been watching this shoe on eBay for weeks, intrigued by it for months, and unwilling to spend the 90-100 bucks they cost. Cue having a 60% off clearance sale and I just ordered these puppies for 42.98 (34.99 + shipping). I am THRILLED. I have been wanting to try “minimal” shoes for a while. I am primarily going to use these shoes for cross-training, and will graduate to running when I see fit. The Asics I ordered a few weeks ago just are not cutting it for cross-training. They make my feet too hot and I can’t really get “in contact” with the floor when I strength train. I am retiring those to my just everyday sneaks.

I can’t wait to get these shoes and try them out! Make sure you all check out Finish Line right now. They are having a HUGE shoe clearance sale. So glad I stumbled on it!

Also, use to get 5% cash back on your purchase! Ebates is an awesome website that you can get cashback on thousands of websites. I’ve got 210.23 back over the course of this year!

~Til next deal 🙂



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